Monday, June 14, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

at the park, b says 'hey mom, you have one of those cottonwood things in ur nose. wait...i'll get it.' she DID NOT proceed to stick her fingers up my nostril, grab something, wipe it on her shirt and say, "there we go. alright. got it."

paige DID NOT get her driver's permit on as i know it, has NOT changed.
paige and i DID NOT have to take shelter under a concession stand at the softball tourney this weekend while a tornado siren was NOT blaring at us.  

brooke DID NOT ask for yogurt raison snacks...i DID NOT tell her {outside} she could have only 10.  she DID NOT proceed to get an entire bowl and go to sit with brit {inside}...who DID NOT say, "aren't you suppose to only have 10? go put them up"  brooke DID NOT drop her mouth open in amazement that we were on the same page. birthmom and mom...unite!!!!!

sofia DID NOT collapse in hubs arms at the tournament on saturday...she was NOT the cutest thing ever.

the bmv lady DID NOT almost kill me when she DID NOT refuse to use my indiana vehicle registration {that the state issued only weeks earlier} for verification of address.  we DID NOT have to rush home and try to get a bill {way more legal, ha!!!} and get back tot he license branch.

oh, and the license branch DID NOT lock the door at exactly 5:01pm...we DID NOT have to come back the next morning to get that permit...
the next day, a different lady was working at check in and we DID NOT have a single issue and my information was not even needed.  i DO NOT loathe that woman for making me drag my kiddos to the license branch early in the morning bc she was on a stinking power trip!
sofia DID NOT play barista at starbucks, cleaning up the tables, singing "clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere..." and ending with "shake your booty.  it's my booty.  shake your booty." the barista's were NOT dying laughing and video taping her.  i am NOT seriously considering making her a barista apron!!

i DID NOT get a little silly with the bend-a-roos at the ball park and make sunglasses for sofia.
jada DID NOT get her hair done by me with some braids and twists and double strand twists on thursday...she DID NOT decide she would "redo" her hair with a comb on friday morning and rip out the hair on her sides.  i was NOT angry...and i have NOT refused to fix it to make a point.

jada and brooke DID NOT have their last softball game of the season saturday.  they DID NOT have a blast this season...brooke DID NOT slide to catch 5 balls int he infield in shorts!  and jada DID NOT pose for every single picture i took on the phone in and amongst all the "i don't want to's".

anything you and your fam DID NOT do this week???

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


~EssenseVibez~ said...

jada--what am i not going to do with you---you have to let momma do your hair---once she does it, leave it alone so it will grow--i'm so proud that you are wearing twists---i wore some this weekend--i bet you looked so keey-oooot!---you have a great family--make sure you keep mommy smiling and give her plenty of hugs and kisses---lubbz ya babygurl!!!

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