Tuesday, June 15, 2010

life in a softball fam

when your kid plays travel softball, the whole fam plays travel softball. we live it.  eat it. dream it.
we are a softball family...but it's fun and we all love it.

sofia feels most at home in the brickdust and dirt that surrounds the fields.

b loves to field grounders and hit, if she's playing.  otherwise, it's all about making "soup" out of stuff around the fields and playing make up games with friends.

foul balls...sofia tries to get them all!

jada remains a fashionista no matter where she is and...

on and off the field...some things never do change.
a big sister is always a big sister, even when the little sister is really stinking cute!!!


Dysfunctional Mom said...

I am quickly learning all of these things! We had our first district tournaments this weekend - fun but HOT and tiring!!

Tabatha said...

girl.. my twins havent played the travel team yet.. but ive had enough softball with leauge and state tourney that i am glad fo rmy break.. but it is SOOO much fun to watch the girls play.. and the other kids always find something to do at the ball park :)

Anonymous said...

Yall truly make me smile :)

Kristy said...

They are all stinkin cute!

Fresh Mommy said...

They really are all so stinkin' cute!