Tuesday, May 04, 2010

spring time fun

indiana has lots of exciting {{and sometimes super dangerous}} storms in the spring...
but last night, jk and sof were jacked up about the huge monster black cloud that was coming.

and they totally made a game out of it...you know, like the "sit-on-the-driveway-and-watch the balck-cloud-and-when-the-wind-blows-really-hard-and-the helicopters-hit-your-face, you-run-in-a-circle-and-scream -really-loud" game.  

i don't know what this says about us...like are we just totally hill jacks or confirming yet again that we are "those people"...but the kids had fun.

and jada had to pose for the camera saying "mommy...take this picture.  i look so cute!"
...and she was right!

and for the record, when the lighting started we did come in...i'm not stupid.  and it doesn't help that i'm a total wimp either ;)


meaghan said...

love IT! looks like fun! and the last 2 pics are CRAZY adorable ;)

debi9kids said...

Have to agree with Meaghan! Those last 2 pics crack me up and totally made me smile :)

Rebekah said...

I love a good storm!