Thursday, May 06, 2010

b and jk had their very first softball game of their lives!
oh yeah...the fighting blue dolphins were out to win...ok, hit and pay a little attention, in most cases.

then, there was brooke...she was aggressive.  she's been watching big sis, paige, play for sure!
{notice p as one of the coaches in the background}

where ever the ball was hit, brooke ran full throttle and grabbed the ball...oh, and since she was first baseman and she was suppose to make the outs, she just ran the balls back to the bag in front of the runners.  yep, she was quick.

after 4 balls all in b's hands, she decided to actually throw the ball to the other girlie covering 1st...or something.  she threw the ball at the bag.  

if no one was there...she ran and caught it and tagged the bag.  she was a one girl team...and honestly, only 2 other girls even cared!!

but when coach london told b that she could only chase balls on her side of the field, it went south fast.  tears and shrugging shoulders and a lot of she shared the field.

oh, and jada...she just sat in the same position in the field all inning.  at bat...well, it was alright going to first, but when she was required to run to second, she screamed, threw a tantrum, screamed at the coach and stood still.  she had to be physically pushed to second where the tears continued.  she eventually made it home, which drew a huge smile and a "mom, i hit a home run".

as for sofia...she was fine as long as she was able to sit in the dugout.  if not, she would scream "i-wanna-play-soff-ball" and kick rocks. she got the dugout route.

i'm counting it a victory...can't wait until next week.

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Kristy said...

I love watching kids play sports. So much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Like yours - going to follow!