Wednesday, April 07, 2010

smiles all around...

this year, paige decided to not bring a friend along on vacation...she wanted {sit down for this one} to spend time alone with the family!

shut up, right?!  we were so excited...but here's something i've noticed in the 3billion pics i've taken, smiles abound when we are all just "together".

an older couple at dinner last night at joe mama's pizza {the most fab wood fired pizza i've ever eaten, btw} came up to ryan and said, "you have the most beautiful family.  you are very blessed. thanks for sharing the smiles with us."  i!  the kids were still being know, whining some and fighting over who got the center bread stick, but we were all just family.

so, here's to another number of smiling days...with the normal-ness of whines and complaints scattered in...and you know what?  we are SOOOO blessed.

i was walking on the beach with the girls singing {me and mac powell from third day} "the heavens declare you are god and the mountains rejoice...the oceans cry hallelujah as we worship you, lord."  and as i stare this morn out the bedroom window at the lapping waves and the white sand, i still stand in awe that in spite of the vastness of all that IS...i am precious.  i am never forgotten. i am blessed. we are blessed.

"God's love is meteoric, 
      his loyalty astronomic, 
   His purpose titanic, 
      his verdicts oceanic. 
   Yet in his largeness 
      nothing gets lost; 
   Not a man, not a mouse, 
      slips through the cracks. 

 How exquisite your love, O God!"
psalm 36:5-7


Cecily R said...

This is probably the vacation all of you will remember most and with the most happiness. I say you are ALL pretty blessed. I love that!

Xmas Dolly said...

Awesome smiles, and happiness is at a very high level. Sweet! Following you.

Olivia said...

Great smiles! Great pics! Happy WW!