Thursday, April 08, 2010

one day without shoes...

can you imagine...not wearing shoes, ever?!  it's something that we in this fab country don't worry too much about.  our shoes does our wealth.  but around the world, there are people who never own a pair of shoes.
TOMS shoes doesn't just talk about this...they DO something about it.  if you don't know the story of TOMS shoes, you need to learn it...bc it's straight from the heart of a guy who wanted to help kids have shoes...and he prayed about it and then, well, just DID it!
today, april 8th, TOMS sponsors "one day without shoes"...where people worldwide band together to go shoeless for the bring awareness and attention and honestly, reality, to the world about this issue.  and we are doing join us.  please. 
go here and sign some shoes and donate a pair automatically!  laaaa!  and pray for the TOMS ministry...just DO something.

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Rene W. said...

Such a great cause - those poor babies!! Have a beautiful weekend :)