Monday, April 26, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

hubs and i DID NOT work at after prom until 3:30am doing sumo wrestling and bungee races.  we DID NOT try them ourselves...and we DID NOT have a super fun time!
paige's quote of the day on saturday was NOT "that's not a nut, it's a pistachio."  how does that girl make straight a's??

i DID NOT work coat check at an event with my girlfriend, stacy, on friday night.  we DID NOT have a total blast chatting it up and hanging out...eating the leftover food from the event that was way better than what we cooked for our fams.  we also DID NOT get paid for eating dinner and!

paige DID NOT get nominated for elite athlete of the year for high honors and athletics.  she DID NOT tell me that i was not allowed to come to the ceremony during the school day bc i was "too embarrassing" and "not a big deal".

we DID NOT make it to the park more than a few times this last week...and sofia DID NOT have a blast doing the huge slides and falling right off the ends!
jada DID NOT say to me, 'my heart is saying "I really need chicken nuggets...we should def listen.'

sof DID NOT try to spit on the grass...when she couldn't get it to work out, she DID NOT reach in her mouth, grabbed spit and wip it on the grass. yummy.

brooke DID NOT tell her teacher, "we don't like those school pictures. my mom is ab-tographer and hers are way better."
brooke DID NOT do her part on earth day...she DID NOT tells m 'I totally helped save the earth, mom. I saw trash and I picked it up and gave it to my teacher to throw away.' almost.


Anonymous said...

I love your fam so much!! Miss you!

j3k said...

The sumo suits are so much fun!!! My hubby and I worked post prom this weekend also and we were in charge of the velcro stickem wall.... they had to put on a velcro suit and run, jump and stick to the wall. We played on it to the point of exhaustion before the kids ever arrived :) SOOOOO much fun! Love that in our state parents still put on the post prom for the kids and we know they are safe. Take care! I enjoy reading your post!!!!

meganleigh said...

Brooke's EarthDay comment cracks me up!!! That's awesome. And so is her Mom. ;)

Oh- and my little June 5 plan? Yeah- totally Alex's open house. Oh well- it was a fun thought.