Monday, April 19, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do the last 2 weeks...bc i was a loser and didn't do a post last monday...

while outside playing, sofia DID NOT stop and say, "uh crying. need food. baby need to eat. get sippy cup, hurry."
paige DID NOT play 4 softball games this last week...she DID NOT have fab at bats and make the newspaper with stats for hits, runs and rbi's.  she DOES NOT have a great team of girls that are super awesome and supportive that she plays with.

while reading "do princesses really kiss frogs" to brooke, she DID NOT say, "seriously, give me a break".
brooke DID NOT wear plaid bermuda shorts and a horse t shirt to school...with her hot pink cowboy boots.  she DID NOT inform me that it matches just fine and not to worry bc the horse went great with the cowboy boots.

at the playground, jada DID NOT say, "everyone is looking at me.  i think they think i'm princess tiana."

brooke DID NOT say, "java is being so cute i could eat her up, you know, like a cupcake."

brooke DID NOT tell her teacher "we don't buy school pictures because my mom is a b-tographer and she takes way better pictures than this, or thats what she says."  her teacher DID NOT come out to the car chuckling to tell me the story.

after being on the road driving home from florida for about 4 hours, jada DID NOT pop up in the back seat and say, "hey dad, where are we going?"

i DID NOT cry when it was time to leave the beach house this year...i would never be that sentimental about the beach and time alone with fam.

paige and i DID NOT do "a day without shoes" for TOMS and awareness.  our feet were not cut and blistered...we are NOT more aware than ever that shoes are very important for all people.
my mom, while out to dinner at a florida pizza joint, DID NOT try and hook up paige and the waiter.  paige was NOT freaking out and begging nana to shut up...i was NOT cracking up. in only a few minutes, nana DID NOT get his name, school, age, church, and what sports!

we DID NOT have a major blast in disney...sofia was NOT screaming "mickey mouse" every single time she saw hidden mickey's!  she was NOT flipping out at the light parade, screaming, "donald, it's me. sofie. donald!"
sofia DID NOT pick up my phone, put it to her ear and say, "hello? daddy? i want some money." and then giggle like there's no tomorrow!

we DID NOT have the best spring break in a long time...and the beach was NOT perfect for all of us.


angie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had a fabulous time at Disney world!

Becky said...

Oh gosh! I really want to go to Disney now! That looks like such a great time!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my word the picture of sophia on the beach is so precious. Love your family...they are too funny. Great job Paige on the Softball. You rock girly!