Monday, March 22, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

i have NOT been icky sicky for what seems like a month.  i DID NOT lay down to take a 30 minute nap and sleep 5 hours one afternoon.  only a lazy mother or a sick one would do that!

sofia DID NOT sit on the potty and fart...then she DID NOT giggle and say ' funny sound'! she DID NOT proceed to pee for the first time on the potty with absolutely no training from me.  i am NOT the mother of the year for not doing any training!

brooke DID NOT say to sofia in the car wash line while she was scared, 'every time u get scared, remember god is always with you.'  i DID NOT get a little teary thinking about how sweet that was.

paige DID NOT play in her first varsity softball game...she DID NOT bat 1000 and we are NOT proud of her.

jada DID NOT convince her teachers at school to do a half birthday celebration because she wanted the birthday crown for two weeks in a row.

jon, meg, jack, finn, and rowan DID NOT come for 2 days from colorado to visit.  i was not super sick the entire visit but still managed to have my "meg and d project time".  we DID NOT pick out the paint for the basement and do some bargain shopping and creative spray painting!

sofia DID Not have icky green snot this morn making it a visit the dr early mon morn.  she DOES NOT have a sinus infection and is NOT super grumpy.

brooke DID NOT declare loudly in the middle of costco, "i can not believe meat is from an animal. i will NEVER eat meat again. that is disgusting! a cow? seriously!"

as we walked outside, sof DID NOT say 'oh my! I hear something!' then gasp! 'pretty noises, mommy. pretty.' it was NOT birds chirping...

sof DID NOT see the neighbors cat in our yard and yell 'cat! love u! meow! cat!'

jada DID NOT feed the birds half a loaf of my bread before i discovered she was doing it...i appreciate the effort.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

That sounds like a fun trip to Costco! My boys couldn't believe that milk came from a cow!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no I hope both you and Sofia feel better. Yuck.
That is too funny about B and the meat at cosco. LOL I would have been rolling.

Screaming Meme said...

YOU SO CRACK ME UP...I love it!