Monday, March 01, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

i DID NOT schedule my hs small group girls outing sunday for pizza and bowling to only find out that there is a bowling league on sunday's.  nope...not me.  i'm a good leader.  an experienced leader and that means i would def check those types of things first.

while eating pizza with my hs girlies, alicia DID NOT say, "i can't whistle."  brooke DID NOT respond, "if  you lose a tooth you can!"

jada DID NOT ask me "mom, can you walk on water?" i DID NOT say, "what do you think?" jada DID NOT respond, "i think you can, mom."  i DID NOT think that for one split that she thought i was uber powerful...turns out she DID NOT think that standing IN water was the same as walking ON IT.  oh well. i was NOT disappointed.

jada DID NOT say,  'i watched where i was in the parking lot...and it was so I didn't die.'

I did not get ink from the printer cartridge on my hands then make a one side mustache on my face...and p did not laugh.

paige DID NOT bring a bug in a cup she'd captured 2 show me in my room. she DID NOT notice when going to flush the little guy that he was...gone. i DID NOT have the joy of knowing i was not alone in my room that night...

i DID NOT have fab lunch plans set up with my bloggy friend, pam ag, on thursday...and we DID NOT discover that we totally had the date wrong.  we DID NOT have to reschedule our time for the cheesecake factory for fab desserts!  and i will NOT be blogging it later!

i DID NOT keep my sitter for the faux bloggy lunch and just go and be alone. i DID NOT go and just be alone...get starbucks {of course}, spend time shopping and looking and very little buying.  i DID NOT go eat lunch alone at my fav fish market...eating fresh fish and iced tea and a fab salad.  i was NOT uber satisfied...and i DID NOT find a small bit of my sanity in the whole process.
paige DID NOT get home late on friday bc there was NOT a girl beating the snot out of a boy saying mean and viscious things...ON THE BUS.  i am NOT amazed that girls have become such interesting fighters...taking the effort to smash a boys head into the floor with her foot.

i DID NOT go to a super fab surprise bday party for kristin's #13!!!  we DID NOT have a total blast...and when we all do NOT recover, i will NOT have pics up on how to have a super fab and awesome party on a budget.

hubs DID NOT overt the massive east coast snow storm on thursday by jumping an earlier flight and barely making it out of philly.  i was NOT jumping for joy that he was going to make it home...and brooke was NOT elated that he would be here for the 3 piggy opera she was in at school friday morn.
sofia DID NOT learn "jada mean to me mommy" and is NOT using it for every single thing that doesn't go her way!!

i am NOT too tired from soooo much stuff from the weekend to get the new pics up on this post right now.  i would NOT ever use old pics of my kiddos so i could drink my coffee faster.  i will NOT get it done some time today...but it will def NOT be after lots of coffee. :)


Jen said...

Old or new, your girlies are fabulous!

And slam that coffee, I totally know the feeling.

Heather said...

I keep forgetting to do this. Loved reading yours! Want to stop by my blog next Monday and remind me. LOL Oh yeah! I'm visiting you from SITS!

Michelle said...

NICE week! LOL

YOur kids are just beautiful! Good gracious!!!!!

No boys. :(

angie said...

YOu have been BUSY!

Pam said...

yeah, I am sure glad "we" did not do that... ahem... and I am sure glad that you shared the blame with me on that one because I sure am not that scattered to mess that all up on my own!! Sure glad it still worked out, a certian picture is trying to send to you at the moment...

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Sounds like a crazy week!