Thursday, March 18, 2010

cover up...we all need it.

why yes...i am still here! i'm recovering from the icky sickies...and it has not been good. i am trying to function at normal capacity blogging is ON!!

i have the uber HATE for cords...i mean, i know we need them for powering things, but i can't stand how they look!  you can buy fairly expensive cord covers but if you are lucky like me and have a hubs that has a TON of cords, those don't even work.
{aren't they just gorgeous? and don't you love how hubs put the bright orange tie cords on them to keep them tight together...such a nice touch, don't you think?}

so me and my little head got to thinking...why not make one out of scrap material?  so that's what i did.
how you ask? easy me!

figure out 2 things, how wide of a cover you need and how long.
width=size of the wires * 2, plus seam allowance of 1 inch
length of fabric should be 1.5 or 2 times the length of your cords to be covered length.
{i like the scrunchy look, so mine is 2x.} so if you need to cover 14" of cords, your cut fabric length is 28" if you are going for the 2x scrunchy look.

with like sides together, sew a 1/2 seam all the way down the cover, leaving the ends open.
i didn't even sew up the ends on mine, just tucked them in, but you certainly can be more detailed and sew yours up!

flip that cover right side out and viola!!!

pull the cords out of ONE end of the tv or whatever you are covering and put the cord cover on.
boom! perfection...and in less than 5 minutes!


Screaming Meme said...

I HATE CORDS!!!! Thank you for covering I hope you are feeling better, my friend! Meme

Frizzy and Bird said...

Great idea!

Rene W. said...

What a fun idea! Looks MUCH better :)

Meaghan said...

it really really is cute!

Megan said...

Very nice!! Good job!

Hope you're feeling better asap!!