Wednesday, March 03, 2010


brooke is sharp as a tack...her mind just works in a different way than some of us.
brooke has ADHD and although it doesn't define who she is or what she can do, she faces many challenges in school that the other kiddos in her class do not.

coupled with ADHD, brooke has hypermobility and sensory integration dysfunction...which in understandable terms means her body is like rubber {elasta-girl}.  her joints don't feel like you and i...she can bend and move and do things that look like they really hurt, but for her, they don't.  {if the circus needed a contortionist, she would def fit the bill}.  ways that you and i feel our feet when we walk, brooke doesn't so much.  her life is kinda like bouncing around in a moon walk...never really feeling anything.

all that put together, makes learning a challenge, especially speech and fine motor skills like cutting, writing, etc. so we are always looking for fun ways to get the work done while still keeping b engaged and making it fun.

enter....dino bingo!!! 
colorful dino's, letters and sounds and a spinner make learning fun.

it's not just brooke that enjoys playing our games
...this one had a blast trying to move the dino's all over and cheat her way to "bingo!".

jada loves to be like big sis, brooke, and she gets to add to her learning as well! night around here sometimes has to be really creative, but we still have fun!


VKT said...

I wish I had Brooke in my classroom. She is precious! So is the little tyke in the picture under her. (I have found that using Chinese checkers, Let's Go Fishing, and Clue have been very useful with my ADHD students.)

Kimmy said...

Adorable pictures too! It's also wonderful to have a mom as patient as you are to help her through this challenge in her life!

debi9kids said...

What a lovely way you described her ...I mean saying it doesn't define her :)

I've got a few kids like that. The best part, they keep you hoppin' too!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love that you look for fun ways to help her out! My youngest son has ADHD also, I understand the challenges!