Thursday, February 11, 2010

seek first

guess who is feeling a little better?
paige grabbed this shot while i was holding sofia...i edited it and i just don't think i've seen anything more pure and sweet today than this.

and in the midst of a totally chaotic week with hubs in france, looking at this:
{and i mean, literally...this is the view from his hotel entrance. yes, it's paris...and yes, that really is the eiffel tower.}

...and then there's me here, looking at this...way too much of this, btw:
it's nice to take time to remember the amazing blessings that god has given me, in spite of my anxiety and shortfalls. i need to remember, FIRST THINGS FIRST...matthew 6:33, baby!

"seek first the kindgom of GOD and HIS righteousness and all these things will be given to you."

not the kingdom of ME or the kingdom of WANT or the kingdom of MY KIDS. the kingdom of GOD. and once i seek that with my whole heart, man, then i look to his righteousness and it's all there. that is some good stuff, my friend. good stuff.

{please pray for my friend, rebecca's daughter, joy. she's in brain surgery right now where they are removing part of her diseased brain.}


meaghan said...

what a gorgeous pic of sofers!

Kena said...

I saw your site through SITS!

What an adorable little girl!

A New Mom said...

Amen to that girl! Thanks for sharing that....I really needed to hear that. Following you from SITS! Looking forward to reading more

Dawn said...

Thanks for popping by to visit...
Returning the favor.

My niece is Sofia, too!

Prayers to your friend's daughter too... my friend just had brain surgery for the 3rd time for brain cancer.

Frizzy's Family said...

I will be praying for Joy. I can't imagine the anxiety her family is feeling now. Please keep us posted.

That is one sweet pic of your little one. Too Too CUTE!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a precious picture of miss sophia. praying they got everything out and Joy is on the mend.

Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

Mmmm mmm. How right you are.

And how sweet is that baby girl? Oh my goodness I want to snuggle her up!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That first pic is so precious. I'm glad she's feeling better.

debi9kids said...

OMGoodness! Saying prayers right now.

LOVE the photo of your precious baby girlie:) It's GORGEOUS!

I can not tell you how much you made me smile reading this post! I known you love Jesus. But, it's awesome to see you write it as you feel it, in the words like you would describe anything else...totally you and totally awesome.