Tuesday, January 26, 2010

warning signs

my hubs is a major shop-a-holic...the man loves to peruse the stores and find super authentic things...and this is sometimes an incredible thing and sometimes a not so great thing.

it's usually not a great thing after a budget discussion about seriously reducing spending for the first two months of the year to rebuild "reserves"

so when i get home and see this for me...i know it's not good.
this is what i call a peace offering...it's sweet, so don't get me wrong. i love it...and i know he thought about me...but now, i'm on the prowl. lurking around the house for "things".
uh oh...i spotted something.
and inside...this. opened.
and in case you were wondering, it was not on his "frivolous spending" category because he could not be expected to wear the same cologne every day. what in the world was i thinking?

oh, and i did get a chocolate of the month club from it all. to quote eddy {from christmas vacation...possibly the funniest show on the earth} "it's the gift that keeps on giving all year around."


Kel said...

Awe,,,but that is so sweet! At least he brought you something good instead of like, a vaccum cleaner! ;)


Anonymous said...
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mommytoalot said...

LOL... Dolce and Gabbana is what my nephew told me to get my son for Christmas..i totally got him American Eagle..much more afordable

Elizabeth said...

I think our hubs may be related...mine is just the same (well, minus the peace offering)