Monday, January 25, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week:

sofia DID NOT tell me "poop"...i DID NOT say, "you have to poop?" when i got caught up in dinner making, she DID NOT treat me to a little poopy painting and poop colored hands by saying "poop, mommy. poop." when will i ever learn? 4 kids...seriously.

i DID NOT take sofia and jada with me to the 100 day celebration...sofia DID NOT spen dthe entire time maneuvering from table to table stealing fruit loop bowls and eating them. she was NOT jacked up all morning.
brooke DID NOT says "if the kids that need adopted are my size, i'm gonna s
hare my clothes." jada DID NOT chime in, "me too mom." and then sofia, "too too, mommy". i DID NOT melt and think my girlies are soooo sweet.

i DO NOT have paige's sweatpants on...and they DO NOT fit me normal! i am NOT so stinking proud of myself!

jada DID NOT call hubs upstairs saying "daddy, my heart is really beeping. it's like beeping so hard. when will it stop?"
i DID NOT go to b's kindergarten class to help out on day 100, which in all actually was NOT day 99 bc of a snow/ice day.

at b's 100 day party, her friend, cade, DID NOT say, "brooke says you are the coolest mom ever. man, that must be nice. all my mom ever does is yell, yell, yell." i DID NOT think, man, i have got to come to every one of these to make sure b doesn't tell stories about me!
my sofia DID NOT start counting my freckles...and correctly!

paige DID NOT have a break up with her boyfriend of a year this last week because she found a deeper relationship with god and heard him say that "acting" isn't what he wants from her...he wants the real her. and that real her, should be totally happy.

i DID NOT send out a yes for my very first wedding shoot...and i'm not completely jacked up seeing if i get the business...and it would be with the most awesome and wonderful miss megan with me! we would NOT have a total blast...and take some awesome pics!

i DID NOT have a dentist appointment for a DID NOT take 4 sets of injections to numb me. i DID NOT almost have a panic attack when i still wasn't numb on my gums and tongue. i DID NOT think i would make it...turns out i did, but it wasn't easy.
brooke DID NOT say, "it's so sad that kids in haiti had parents and then they died. they really need me as a sister. i mean, i'm a really good sister."

paige DID NOT have an overnight weekend softball tourney where we were up pretty late...i DID NOT get tagged by the employees for sneaking in my sippy sip diet coke. the worker DID NOT place a red ribbon on the fence by us...i think it was NOT like a scarlet letter or anything. i DID NOT proceed to take in a starbucks a little later bc it was freaking late and i could not be expected to be there without starbucks...i'm just saying!
the haitian orphans that were to arrive in indy are on hold...and we are NOT saddened thinking about the suffering they are enduring must be horrific. we are still praying that god would use us in any way he would in this...

while using the restroom, sofia DID NOT come in and start singing the ABC song for sweet!

hubs DID NOT come home with an imac in hand for my photography business. i am NOT thrilled beyond compare and loving all the new toys. moving from the mc book pro to the imac with a 27" monitor is a huge difference. zits are not the size of sofia's head while i am editing!


Dawn said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hi-sounds like you had a busy weekend! You have a beautiful family and I'm off to read your Haitan adoption update post.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like a NOT GREAT week! LOL!

Mom on a Mission said...

I am so sad about the Haitians.... we're still praying too. I've totally given up on Beth! :(

Young Wife said...

Stopping by from SITS. Your daughters sound so sweet. I'll help you smuggle Diet Coke any time SITSta!