Monday, January 04, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

sofia DID NOT stand in front of the oven and yell "peeeet-zzzeeee" when i asked what the fam wanted for dinner. {pizza for you non-toddler speakers} she DID NOT get a little piece of my heart when she said that bc of two, i had one in the freezer and two, i didn't have to cook! wooo hooo! what a kid!
while on the way home from a workout this week, hubs DID NOT report that "sofia is squealing like a pig"...i DID NOT giggle a little to myself thinking turnabout is a little fairplay!

i DID NOT hang out with 14 some odd high school students this week...we DID NOT play wal-mart tag, eat tons of food, hangout out and laugh. i DO NOT love being with high school students that rock my stinking face off!
paige, hubs and i DID NOT ring in the new year playing or competing on the wii fit in kung fu and balance. we DID NOT completely dismiss midnight and notice 10 minutes later that we were in 2010...we are NOT completely grateful for awesome time with family.

i DID NOT forget to set my alarm on sunday morning for church...and i was NOT preaching in the middle school services! we DID NOT get a fam of 6 ready in 15 minutes in an effort to make a starbucks stop bc we DO NOT have our priorities in order...thank you very much.

we DID NOT go ice skating with some of out fav friends on the 2nd and then tear up red robin like never before. i was NOT overwhelmed with joy that god has placed so many incredible people in our lives that not only love us but love our kiddos. thanks god!
i DID NOT go ice skating after some 15 years and i DID NOT get the biggest freaking foot aches in the world using the solid plastic ice skate rentals. i DID NOT feel old that i had to sit down because of the pain in my arch...i DID NOT also feel absolutely amazing that my body was not sore and i was in great athletic shape to sustain...except those darn feet.

i DID NOT take my skates off to walk down the steps at the ice rink saying, "if i go down these steps in skates, i may see jesus face to face."
i DID NOT ask sofia, "are you daddy's baby?"
sofia: "no" with stiff head shake
"sofia, are you daddy's baby?"
sofia: "nooooo! i daddy's sofie."
well, i DID NOT think that made perfect sense and realize, once again, that kid is getting too stinking big.

hubs DID NOT buy the star wars clone wars wii game and play it for hours...sweating way more than he does on the wii fit! i DID NOT sit in amazement thinking i love him and he's so hot, but such a stinking geek that he would read every fact page on the wii while playing. hubs was NOT sore from too many jedi power and light saber fights the next day.
i DID NOT see my cousin, carey, who has been in denmark for like 15 years. he has NOT changed a bit...and we are def NOT as old as we look in person. i am certain that he and i are still the blonde gray...that played in the tree in grandma and grandpa's front yard.

on the way home from church, i DID NOT see a traffic jam and say, "oh the traffic. what's going on?" brooke DID NOT reply, "oh! the drama! the action!"


carol said...

Wow, you didn't do alot of things... Walmart with teenagers, now that's just silly.

Jen said...

Wow, you put me to shame. I woke up a half hour late, leaving an hour to get ready and get to church. I decided that it just couldn't be done. I guess I was wrong b/c you did it in 15 minutes.

Totally impressed.

Leslee P said...

i will swap, but how about the one that talks back.... not the smooshy

He & Me + 3 said...

What a week you all had. I got a terrible foot ache form the rental skates too. Glad you didn't meet Jesus face to face just yet:)

gina said...

Sounds you DID NOT have a terribly wonderful week. ;)

Christy (Columbia Lily) said...

be glad you are still in one piecec. I went ice skating in september (whilst chaperoning some teens), fell down, and broke my right arm. had to have surgery and everything. sucked. glad you came out unscathed.

Kel said...

Oh I've missed your full life stories of fun and blessings and love. I'm so glad the new year found you and the fam right where you wanted to be...with each other! :)

mommytoalot said... the stuff you DID NOT DO..
awesome pictures.