Monday, December 28, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

i DID NOT forget it was monday until almost 9pm...and then write this post!

brooke's bmom, brit, DID NOT come and hang with us for an entire day this last week. paige, brooke and brit DID NOT go sledding and have a major snow ball fight whilst i took a nap! ahhhh. my heart DID NOT get a little bigger seeing the true joy of love.

someone DID NOT steal my b's nintendo DS lite from our car...that we DID NOT discover christmas eve at 9pm. paige, ryan and i DID NOT search everywhere, call everyone and take apart the entire house and the cars looking "just in case". after a blow by blow scenario breakdown, ryan DID NOT conclude it had to be stolen when we went to see santa bc it was there b4 and not when we got home. hubs and i DID NOT drive 2 hours around to every store praying that one would be case you were wondering, nothing but bars, liquor stores and drug stores. we DID NOT hit a blockbuster at 9:59pm...walk in and buy one of the last 2 DS lites with relief. we DID NOT get home, have a drink of starbucks liquor...and hubs DID NOT leave the bucks and a credit card for santa, as NOT noted in the pic.
nana and papa DID NOT come over way early to celebrate our early christmas morning with us and enjoy every single moment of the girlies being totally jacked up and excited, especially sofia NOT dancing to the mickey mouse clubhouse singing toy.
brooke DID NOT say in the car on the way home from target, "mom, we better get you home. you probably need to go and take a dump." where does she get these things?

the girlies DID NOT make and decorate 3 dozen cookies on christmas eve {on that obnoxious throw away tablecloth}. there was NOT so much icing on jada's cookies that it looked like mountain peaks!
i DID NOT get two venti's at starbucks after my workout this week bc the barista poured the mild java and not the bold. i DID NOT take them both and well, drink a little of the second before NOT deciding to give it to hubs.

i DID NOT workout on christmas eve with my trainer and stinking burn 850 some odd calories. oh no, who would do that...oh!

paige DID NOT take over the reading of the night before christmas before bed time this year. i was NOT a little taken back that my oldest is old enough for that...and that my youngest sat and listened quietly. i am NOT seeing them all grow up before my very eyes.
oh, did i NOT mention that the DS lite thief was found? oh yes...much to my relief. it was NOT my very own HUBS who absent mindedly placed it in his secret hiding spot to find it christmas afternoon. i DID NOT smile and say, "it's fine. it's fine." whilst gritting my teeth and taking deep breaths. he DID NOT feel absolutely terrible...and i DID NOT hand him the receipt to return it. sheeewww. good thing the thief was caught. i WILL NOT use this for ammunition for years to come to get my way...just so you know.
i DID NOT take paige, brooke and jada to see the princess and the frog and was NOT mortified at the voodoo and witchcraft that the movie was about. seriously, disney...can we have a princess movie that has a little bit of purity in it? i DID NOT love the grandma lighting bug with the clapper...or the super cute tiana...i mean, my jada believes that she can be a princess now, but i am NOT upset that she thinks she needs voodoo for that to happen! grrrrr.

we DID NOT drive brit home on tuesday nite and look at christmas tree lights on the way down and back...stopping at the circle in downtown indy to see the biggest christmas tree to which sofia DID NOT say, "wow! wow! lights, mommy. lights!!"
brooke DID NOT say on christmas afternoon, "i appreciate all the gifts. i really do, but santa just failed this year. i was specific. i wanted the talking house. love the DS, but i really wanted the talking house. fail. he really let me down." hubs and i DID NOT almost pass out and die thinking all that went into that stinking DS...oh well...DID NOT prove once again that we can not find love and strength in things that moths and rust can destroy...

matthew 6:19-21...
"do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves {ha} break in and steal. but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

oh and in case you were wondering, i DID NOT get my share of a well for christmas! yeah! or NOT yeah! hubs DID not buy me a (RED) water bottle and put the note in...oh, you say you wanna know how you can buy a portion or a whole well for those in africa who desperately need clean water? go HERE to world vision gifts and help those who really are in need.
the fam was NOT singing "oh happy day" in the car and b DID NOT sing "oh happy day. happy day. you washed my sin away. oh happy day, happy day. you washed my mom away." good to know that i am NOT synonymous with sin. good stuff.


Ashley T said...

I love it! This is one of the best "not me Mondays" i've read. You and your family crack me up.

Hope you all have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

Wow! Your family definitely was NOT busy! I couldn't help but have a little laugh when you found the "Thief" I think I would hold that over my husbands head for a while too =)
Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

Grandma Bev said...

This is my first comment to your blog. I really enjoy it. Ryan is really a chip off the old block---loosing gifts before giving them and hiding valuables and forgetting about it is my special talent.