Monday, December 14, 2009

not me monday

a few things that me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

we DID NOT watch elf on monday night...and i DID NOT endlessly quote lines all week to the fam, who sadly, understood and laughed at them all.
hubs DID NOT forget to pick up brooke from school while i was at a dentist appoint. i DID NOT call and ask how his first kindergarten pick up went to hear him say, "w
hat you are talking about?" i DID NOT flip out a little {or a lot depending on who tells the st
ory} and ask where brooke was. he DID NOT say, "school, why?" i DID NOT ask why she wasn't picked up...he DID NOT say, "well, i forgot or well had the time wrong or something or...what do we do?" i DID NOT go right to the school while he called {and i'm sure blamed the whole thing on me}. i DID NOT find brooke sitting in the office, alone and scared and was NOT greeted by "all the other children got picked up and then, well, i didn't and had to come here. where was daddy?"
it was nothing that a little loving and a sucker couldn't handle...we were NOT more devastated about it than b was.
brooke DID NOT tell hubs that if he left her at school again she would NOT give him a big, fat wedgie. i DID NOT laugh and say that would be appropriate.

i DID NOT sit down and gasp out of a bit of exhaustion to rest while watching a little DVR...brooke DID NOT ask, "mom, would you like a soft, cuddly blanket?" that DID NOT totally make the exhaustion all worth it.
operation dentist DID NOT break up went well...i DID NOT love the ne
w guy. i DO NOT hope he's more than a rebound dentist...especially with all the work he has NOT already done!

we DID NOT get snow this week and bitter weather that DID NOT make me need the beach and sunshine wayyyyy more than usual.

me and hubs DID NOT meet up at the chiropractor on friday...and get a few extra minutes to grab a quick and unexpected bite to eat to noodles and company...for dessert, we DID NOT stop and get starbucks coffee...ahhhhh.

jada DID NOT get more excited than christmas morning when she awoke to some gifts wrapped and under the tree....she DID NOT almost cry when we told her it wasn't christmas morning yet.
brooke DID NOT wake up saturday morning with a ball of silly putty {green, in case you were wondering} in her hair and stuck to her shirt. i DID NOT spend almost an hour cleaning the hair out and give up on the shirt after only a few minutes.

sofia DID NOT start speaking in small sentences clearly this week..."i want that" "more juice please" and "shoes on now". a true woman already...she is NOT a lover of shoes!

paige and i DID NOT have a shopping afternoon finishing things up for the fam. we DID NOT have a lot of fun...even buying josh {the bf} his gifts for christmas from paige. i was NOT elated that paige needed to earn money to pay for them...and that meant i DID NOT watch the house getting dusted, etc! i DO NOT wish she needed money more often and she wasn't cheap like me. huuuuffff puffff.


Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment! lol
Did you get my email?

mommytoalot said...

oh no..
poor Brooke..
glad u and the hubs got to have a little time together..
..wtg Sophia..
sounds like you didn't do too much at\

Jen said...

poor brooke!

And yes, Jada, my kids would have to agree with you. It is SO hard to wait for Christmas.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is just so cute. I love Brooke & the things she comes up with. Your family cracks me up and I love the movie Elf.