Monday, December 28, 2009

bump in the photography road--i heart faces

i get a lot of great pics as a photographer of my kiddos...but there's a whole lot of hilarious outtakes that don't make the wall in the house, let's just say..but are def worth remembering every now and then.
so this is my entry this week for the i heart faces "hilarious outtakes" was during our fam photo shoot in early november...

sofia is screaming her head of about something...maybe not being able to run around like a maniac or something.
as you can also see, jada is terrified of something...maybe the screaming tears of sofia.
brooke is being her normal "helpful" self, which means not looking at the camera and trying to soothe sof. cute, but doesn't make for the best pics.
and paige, doing all that she can as the eldest...straightening collars and holding sof and well, just anything to get the darn shoot over with getting one good pic.

...which we did, by the way. but this is a hilarious least i think so.


the monkey's mama said...

I can't imagine taking a picture of more than one kid! It is impossible to get a great one of my 1.5 year old so I give you tons of credit for at least keeping them all in the picture! Fun!

He & Me + 3 said...

Doesn't matter which picture you stick up there of your girls...they are so cute. Brooke looks like she is trying so hard to get her to smile.