Monday, November 23, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

brooke DID NOT tell the nice lady at the hospital registration who nicely asked if she had any brothers, "no, we only have girls in our house. did you know, boys have long hangy thingys between their legs. we don't have those. ok, well, daddy has a very long hangy thingy and that's ok, because he's a man, not a boy. we definitely don't like boys, though."
paige and i DID NOT go see new moon on saturday for some special girl time. we DID NOT sneak in our own drinks...scandalous! i also DID NOT scream "shut up. you can not end a movie that way" our loud...really the end of the movie. paige DID NOT cower...but laugh really hard AT ME!!!

brooke DID NOT eat half a bag of mini carrots for a "snack" on thursday night...when i told her that sneaking a whole bag of carrots would turn her and her poop orange, she DID NOT giggle and say, "awesome".

hubs and i DID NOT go out for a starbucks date this week...and it was NOT totally awesome and just like old times! ahhhh...
i DID NOT find an entire bag of shirts i misplaced for making for my friends kiddos...3 months ago. i DID NOT think i should get them done this weekend. i DID NOT just put them back into the bag and realize a few more weeks won't hurt.

jada was NOT so spacey in the parking lot that she literally walked into the car with her head. paige DID NOT laugh out loud and jada DID NOT scream "why are you laughing?" paige DID NOT laugh louder saying, "you ran into the car with your face." jada DID NOT reply, "i did not. i just hit it while walking."

i DID NOT workout twice on tuesday burning over 1100 calories...i DID NOT feel it on wednesday when i could barely walk, but realized that this was NOT a very good thing.
hubs DID NOT spend a few days this week in NYC where his hotel was NOT across the street from the movie premeir of "the blind side". he DID NOT see sandra bullock and tim mcgraw...and i was NOT at home changing diapers, doing laundry and cleaning. i was NOT frustrated...and a little excited for him all at the same time.

jada's stunning alert this week..."wow mom. i found my brain. it's good. now i can listen." good thing there!

sofia DID NOT stand at the front door one morn after everyone was gone and say, "mommy. starbucks." i DID NOT get filled with joy thinking about how much i love them both!
we DID NOT do our fam pics on saturday...being the photographer and the mom is NOT challenging...good pics to come tomorrow!
november is national adoption awareness month

there is some good news on the adoption let's celebrate some of that today!
one and a half million adopted children in the united states
there are 1.5 million adopted children in the united states, over 2% of all U.S. children...that's 1.5 million kiddos that have fams that at one time, did not!
interested in adoption and or foster care? take a look HERE for more info.


Live.Love.Eat said...

So many gasped at the end of New Moon and I wasn't sure why. I thought it was a good ending. It's not like we don't know what she's gonna say right?! :)

And I canNOT believe your little gal and the long hangy things talk.

Jen said...

I just have to say that I love me some Brooke. She is just so awesome. I am so glad that Hayden is going to marry her.

Elizabeth said...

Brooke is hilarious! You guys had quite the week.

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend. Cracking up at Jada walking into the car and then being in denial. LOL

Carrie said...

Oh Brooke! That is so funny that I read it out loud to my hubby!