Monday, November 16, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

paige DID NOT get laughed at all week for her concussion head and "/" slice on her forehead from the softball collision last sunday. my mom DID NOT break out into laughter when she say her with her bandage on...and paige DID NOT say, "nana, you're the grandma. you are required to be nice and not laugh."
i DID NOT have a recheck appt for my CPAP this week...and the sleep lab and neuro's office has NOT moved into the stress center. i DID NOT have to take b, jk and s to the appointment, that was NOT in the middle of nap time.
i DID NOT have the nurses stop and say, "wow, you really
have your hands full." i DID NOT reply, "i know that you mean, wow, your kids are crazy and i'm so glad it's not me." they DID NOT stare in shock that i said it, then laugh and then eventually nod.
i DID NOT text hubs and say, "it's a good thing the dr office is in the stress center so when i have my nervous breakdown, they can just admit me." we DID NOT all come home and take naps.
jada was NOT watching the food network instead of cartoons for her tv time this week. she DID NOT say, "that looks really, really good. oh, i love that. great idea." she is NOT just 4, and NOT a total chef in the making!

we DID NOT go to our small group after church today and just have some lunch and hang out...and i'm NOT so stinking grateful for fun and loving peeps to "do" life with.

sofia DID NOT eat 4 bowls of oatmeal for breakfast one morn...i DID NOT wonder where all of that food goes in her little 17 lb body!!
i DID NOT start the beth moore bible study with some blogging friends this week...loving beyond yourself. i am NOT already totally seeing things in a new light...and am so glad that he's moving and working in the blog world!

hubs DID NOT say, "my tummy still hurts". b DID NOT bring him a trash can and say, "in case you feel sick, puke in this."
i was NOT reading sofia a book and DID NOT say, "it's a ba-na-na. can you say that? ba-na-na?" she DID NOT smirk and look at me and say, "ba-pa-pa" then giggle out loud! stinker...nana and papa!!

i DID NOT write my sunday morning sermon on saturday night, finishing at 10:45pm only to determine that there was no paper. i DID NOT go to walmart at 11pm at night so i could have my sermon printed out...i also DID NOT see a guy in front of me in line who def was a psycho ax murderer.

national adoption day is NOT november 21...which is NOT this week! and i am NOT asking that you help promote adoption in some way, shape or form this week. there are NOT staggering numbers of children waiting for homes in this country and abroad...
november is national adoption awareness month

did you know that nearly 40 percent of American adults {81.5 million people} have considered adopting a child, according to the national adoption attitudes survey. if just one in 500 of these adults adopted, every waiting child in foster care would have a permanent family.

help raise the awareness...
go HERE for what you can do to know more and be an adoption advocate.
go HERE to find out more about adoption.


CC said...

I love your chef in the making!!!!!! My son wants to be a chef too. I "made" him watch a cooking show while I was on the stair stepper last week. In spite of his protests, he loved it!

Can I "borrow" your adoption stats? I can't wait to share the joys of adoption with others!

Shel said...

Let me know when you do your next Beth Moore Bible study, I'd really like to participate!

Your kids are waaaay too cute!

mommytoalot said...

LOL..great Not Me Monday post.
How's Paige now?
I agree , your children are beautiful..
You might like this..I found a t.shirt site and there was a cool shirt it said. " If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart'...I love it.
reminds me of all of us moms..

Jen said...

I too am hoping that one of my kids becomes a chef. I so want to live that through them

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh Paige looks cute with that butterfly bandage. Too funny about the doctors office. I will have to use that sometime. People say that to me all the time. Yes, I know I have my hands full. All three are crazy. LOL

Carrie said...

People in the toddler room at church always say something like, "Wow! She's so active!" or "She has so much energy!" My reply is always, "Yep. She's a maniac." Because she is.

Dude. You ain't seen nothin' until you've been to a Meijer's in Michigan at 3 a.m. It's like a Super Walmart. Except filled with crazy people.

YAAAAY Jada! I can't wait for her to cook me something!