Thursday, November 12, 2009

fuzzy heads and such

i'm not sure why it's happening, but it is. and quick!
i mean, it's happened 3 other times, but this time, well, it seems more disturbing!

my baby girl is growing very quickly into a toddler...that talks and has strong opinions...she's an ornery little cuss {takes after daddy on that one}!

she projects her own needs and wants...
sometimes just in sign language, sometimes with words, and sometimes still with whines.

...she's still preciousness in a little bitty package. a beautiful reminder of the grace of god each and every day. those cheeks could stop wars, i'm telling you!

she's my very last baby...and i'm getting kinda sad. because i know the days of snuggles and cuddles and soft fuzzy heads are almost done for me as a momma. and lots more things are coming, but those are leaving...
...she's uber preciousness wrapped up in a little 17 pound body.
she's my most favorite sofia in the whole wide world!!
{and is that outfit not to die for??? found it in colorado...naajarte kids}
november is national adoption awareness month

according to UNICEF, there are well over 100 million orphans.
{UNICEF Press Release Document Children on the Brink, 2004}
interested in how you can help or how you can adopt one of these orphans??? go HERE.

if you can't place an orphan in your home, these little kids have names...each and every one of them. so would you maybe take time to pray for them by name?? steven curtis chapman and his wife started shaohannah's hope, which is now show hope...and they have spear-headed the "pray for us" campaign...the site says, "from prayer springs action", so let's take some action and sign up to pray for these kiddos. go HERE to do just that!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

She may be growing up but she still has a fuzzy head! =) She is adorable and YES that outfit is too!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is preciousness at it's greatest. 17 pounds of pure cuteness.

Cate O'Malley said...

Love that outfit, especially the skirt! And the hair, that's a no-brainer, too cute!

Karen said...

Your baby girl is beautiful! Such a cutie.

It's amazing and sad how many kids are out there in the world that don't have families. I just know at some point in the future I'll be able to open my home to a couple of kids that don't have one. It'll be awhile, but that's the plan.

Becky said...

It breaks my heart to think of Summer as my last baby:(

Darnnit, they keep growing!