Tuesday, October 27, 2009


we had a re-do...the toy room was getting, well, messy. and with the location being on the main floor right off the dining room and the front door, i made the decision.

i did it.
i moved the toy room to the basement and the adults took over the area. hold on to your seats...we have a real office...that we can work in and the kids can still hang out and play, with out the mess!

i know...right?! shut up!
it's not done, but here's the first step in the process.
one word. IKEA!
we added the desk extension and viola! beauty and storage all in one...and with no toys, it's a little better.
{don't even get me started on the half opened boxes and the messes. it's better people...it's better and i'm still training hubs!}

my fav thing? i can drink coffee and do computer work, aka blogging!!
{we really need a cool chair...and guess what, i have my eye on one at, you guessed it, ikea}
i hated the big sleeper sofa we had in here, but we need the extra bed space, so enter ikea again! love this chartruse/golden lime couch that converts in seconds to a full size bed! cute and small, comfy...and fits the space perfect!
then the cow chair...i love this chair! after we got the sectional, this was misplaced, so it fits perfect in the office. it gives hubs a recliner for espn and it's fun and spunky...and the pb chair that was there...it's in p's room and she couldn't be happier!
so it's a first phase re-do, but i will keep you posted! i love it so far. and the kids love their new space too! pics soon...i promise! here's kid candy for now...he he he!


Anonymous said...

Lovely changes!

Elizabeth said...

What a great 'new' space! I love the cow chair.

Kacey R. said...

Love it! I may have asked you before, but what is the name of the wall color? I love it.

Jen said...

I LOVE it too!

les_mason_curt said...

Love your re-do... plus that cow chair is too much fun... i wish i had an office big enough for a chair like that, mine used to be my closet...

Condo Blues said...

A little IKEA magic makes rooms wonderful, especially yours.

BlueCastle said...

That recliner is awesome! I've never seen one like that - so cool. :) Love the new look!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Love love love that cow chair! So cool. Our den/office is desperately in need of a re-do. You've inspired me to get started!