Monday, October 19, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

sofia DID NOT teach herself about spit bubbles and long spit bubbles plus the retract. that's one talented kid...and now i am NOT wondering what she and hubs do in their time outside. hmmm.

i DID NOT relax and straighten jada's hair on sunday night to only see her go from a little girl to a girl in the blink of an eye...time is slipping away from me.
i DID NOT take miss sofia to get her blood work this week...and while staring that little one inch diameter arms, DID NOT thank god for every cell in her body...remembering almost 2 years ago she was in the NICU fighting for every second...and that this was the first time since she'd been out of the NICU that we she had a blood draw.

i DID NOT forget the password to my password keeper and then suddenly forget every single password i had...i DID NOT have a brain fart!

hubs is NOT in paris again this week...and i am NOT still at home. i am NOT still wondering if i will ever make it to france some day.

i DID NOT get a new CPAP mask that i am currently not having a reaction to. i am almost used to having the scuba steve machine thingy on my stinking face...and i am NOT swallowing a ton of air every night which has NOT resulted in some interesting early morning bubbles...gross.
brooke DID NOT get a principal's recognition award for compassion...when one of the kiddos in her room dropped all his crayons brooke DID NOT stop what she was doing, go over and pick them all up and reassure him it owuld be just fine. i DID NOT get a swell in my heart knowing my b has a powerful gift of compassion and it was nice to see her recognized for it. the free kids meal from chik-fila helped her see how good it was too.


Anonymous said...

First, I love that you referred to the CPAP machine as Scuba Steve! Secondly, you now have me wondering if my machine is the culprit in my recent gascapade.

Way To Go B!! She Rocks!!

He & Me + 3 said...

My Model can do that with her spit too. Gross.
That is so awesome about the award. Way to go B!
Maybe hubs is going to send for you! I am still holding out hope for you my friend.

Michelle said...

Lucas is starting with those spit bubbles too! ugh! LOL

Yay B on the compassion recognition!

You HAVE to get to France with him, at least ONE time!

Kel said...

As always your girls are precious and Brooke has such a sweet heart. :)

Happy Monday.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Aw, Brooke is so sweet! What a great post. =)

Mrs Montoya said...

Your daughter's award is THE coolest. I hope you got some waffle fries and sweet tea at CFA or teaching her to be so terrific. You deserve it.

GOOD LUCK on Paris :) Someday . . .

~EssenseVibez~ said...

tell me you did not put a relaxer in my gurlz hair!?---why why why???--you shoulda called me so i could tell you what to do for it--relaxers tend to be very harsh on young hair---email me please---love you!!!

Lindsay said...

Gosh I love hearing there are awesome kids such as yours out there in this crazy world - what a great mommy you are! And way to go, Brooke!!

BTW, thanks for the reminder on the self-exams!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I forget passwords all the time. Hate my aging brain.

Maybe we'll have a plan a girls' trip to Paris. That would be fun!