Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a pure heart

did you know a pure heart starts with your hair??? well, maybe...

you know my jada loves to do some hair!
i'm gonna be honest, i don't let her do mine all that much bc, well, it gets tangled and knotted in the brush...and it hurts! but ayla, well, she lets jada just play hair stylist to her hearts content!

this is the "pre-jada" styled hair...and isn't ayla just precious???
one of the things you may or may not know is that brown girlie pies have to grease their hair every day. so, jada took ayla to the bathroom to grease her up...and ayla let her...with hand lotion, not real hair grease.
{if you ever get hair grease in white girl hair, it does NOT come out...just don't do it}
look at the diligence...she's so intense.
then, the styling commenced...and look at the joy on jada's face!
and look at how happy ayla is...not sitting with disconcernment...just joy!
and ayla isn't just good with jada...she's just a sincerely loving woman. i learned that in nyc on a mission trip way back in june of 2007.
{we stayed in a hostel...4 girlies to a room...and i snore...so there's all kinds of stories to be had from that trip}
and she has a love for christ that is amazing...and totally contagious. she's a leader...a worshipper...a lover of all.
she's stinking amazing...and really, honestly, the lord has blessed me with awesome students. ayla is only one that is heading off that i will miss deeply...

my tribute is to humility and love and a girl named miss ayla...college is gaining a great lady. i'm gonna miss her, but i still get to chat...love you girl.

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DysFUNctional Mom said...

You are an inspiration =) and so is Ayla!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is beautiful. I love that picture of her worshipping. How cool! What a blessing to see teens so in love with the Lord. I hope she has an amazing year in college.

Kristin said...

I just want to squeeze Jada! As a mommy to only boys I dream of having a little girl that wants to play hair dressor and not transformers. Mt boys fight me when they see the hair grease. Girls are so fun. Keep up the great work mommy.

Kel said...

You are surrounded by so many wonderful people - that is truely amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

We've never had to do the grease thing and I'm so happy, because both my daughter and I despise the feel of grease on our scalp. Ewww

Africa Girl said...

D! I love you so much!! I'm never going to forget the late night talks at your house and us *cough* TPing *cough* your house, whether you tell us to or not. I'm going to miss coming to your house late at night and scaring the boys saying down in your basement. I'm going to miss all the trips with the youth group.

BUT, I know God has amazing plans for me and I need to trust that He alone will lead me in the right direction!! I'm deffinatly coming to visit, there is no doubt about it :)

Thanks for being an amazing role model!! Love you and your whole fam!

<3 Africa Girl *Ayla*

glamazini said...

hi, i'm a new reader and i never post, but the grease comment made me come out of hiding. what kind of grease are you using? have you ever tried a natural moisturizer like shea butter and coconut oil mixed? some grease products have an opposite effect than desired (hence the everyday thing). check out my blog @ glamazini.com for more hair tips. be blessed! ~ ini

Live.Love.Eat said...

You always have such beautiful inspiring posts. You make me want to be a better person :)