Monday, August 31, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

while at the chiropractor's office, paige DID NOT keep asking brooke, "what other things don't you know on the body chart?" trying to get her to ask me all about the not girl parts...i was NOT flipping out and giving paige the evil eye...she was NOT laughing her butt off.
i DID NOT work out with my trainer after 2 years...i can not believe i just said that out loud...anyway, i DID NOT almost die when i saw my body fat percentage. i DID NOT sweat like a flipping pig...and my legs were NOT even sweating. the next day, every strand of every muscle in my body DID NOT hurt to just move.

brooke and sofia DID NOT eat a donut next to me while i worked out with my trainer...and i DID NOT get a tall coffee before because my bod could not function.jada DID NOT say 'when I get big I will marry daddy because i wouldn't want to marry a stranger. that would be dangerous.'

sofia DID NOT meet all her goals and requirements for OT and PT from first steps. she DID NOT have her last sessions this week with miss wendy and miss lindsay...and i totally DID NOT almost cry thinking about not seeing my OT/PT friends once a week.
we DID NOT take p to the chiropractor and find a 7 degree curve in her spine...i am NOT grateful we found it early and NOT sad that she has scoleosis at the same time.

brooke DID NOT tell ryan while seeing the t-mobile "marketing plan" commercial with katherine zeta jones..."you never answer the door for weird men in suits, but only for pretty women."

my hubs DID NOT come home from a quick trip to the store with a new golf club...i DID NOT get upset bc it wasn't budgeted...and i am NOT getting over it. i also do NOT plan to do a little "revenge" later...

sofia DID NOT get "returned" from the church nursery staff, again, with deep red and swollen eyes, huffing and puffing!

i DID NOT get the pick up time wrong on jada's first day of preschool...i DID NOT pick her up an hour late, which DID NOT result in miss jada having lunch with her teachers. i DID NOT feel like a total loser mom...and jada DID NOT ask if she could stay late every day to eat with her teachers every day.

brooke DID NOT learn to ride her bike with no training whells in less than 3 hours!

i DID NOT get 5 days of cardio in this week!!!!


He & Me + 3 said...

Good for you and all that exercise. I so need to start that again. ARRR.
Too funny that Jada is gonna marry her dad instead of a stranger. She cracks me up.
My oldest one has a slight curve too. WE caught it early as well.
Way to go on the bike riding, that didn't take her long at all. Good job Brooke!

Kel said...

Wow lady - you go! The cardio/trainer sounds awesome and congrats to B for learning to ride with no training wheels! Isn't it amazing how quick they pick up on stuff??

Hope you have another fun filled & wonderful week!

Jen said...

Yeah Brooke and the bike, I sure wish she could talk to Hayden and tell him how cool it is to ride a bike. He won't touch his.

Jennifer P. said...

I was having a hard time reading this post since I"m dancing to Harry Connick :).

Good luck on getting back in with the trainer though--it gets easier and easier!

blueviolet said...

I'm glad you found the spine curvature early. My niece has that but it's much more severe. Oddly enough, she's a dancer and she refuses to do the treatment. I hope she doesn't have back or hip issues later because she's not treating it.

Good for you on getting after it. And yay on the workout. I started recently too and I know exactly what you're feeling with the pain!

Blake said...

YOu have a hectic (sp?) life. Come on up for a quiet time.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Even my fingernails sweat when I work out. I am gross.