Monday, August 17, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam def DID NOT do this week...

paige DID NOT get whistled at on her first day of which she DID NOT reply, "well, that's one loser to mark off the list." that's my girl.

b DID NOT get her kindergarten shots the morning of school {yes...i waited that long}. she DID NOT look at the nurse after and say, "that was ridiculous. i can't believe other kids put up with this."
she also DID NOT tell me, "i am NOT doing this ever again. i'm dead serious. it's terrible. aaannnnnd. it hurts."i DID NOT stop 4 out of 5 days on the way to kindergarten drop off for a sippy sip...and i DID NOT get uber happy with each little sip i took. ahhhh.

when b opened her bday gifts from us, she DID NOT say, "mom, remember the present i found in your closet? well, i don't see it here. are you sure this is all of them?" hmmmm.sofia DID NOT get inside java's kennel this week and pant like a dog and then laugh hysterically at herself. already!
we DID NOT see a black van that totally looked like the a-team van on the way to church...ryan DID NOT start singing the a-team theme song...and naming off all the characters, totally embarrassing his children and making me NOT laugh!

i DID NOT flipping run 3 nights this last week...and i do NOT think it's totally unfair that i hate it but still want ice cream. i do NOT hate running....grrr.

sofia DID NOT learn to walk up the slide on the big playset this her little tinyness!

we DID NOT have 3 {count them} parties for brooke's bday this last week...all of which were great...quick and easy.

when ryan inflated the bounce house, we DID NOT have kids flock to the back yard from what seemed miles away...there must have been a flare gun that shot off a signal that only kids could see.jada DID NOT tell our neighbor kid, "you are sooo hot"...and she also DID NOT get totally busted an put in time out. i wonder where she heard that? oh yeah, it def wasn't hubs telling me i'm hot...oh yes it was!!!

i DID NOT have to say a temporary good bye to my former high school kiddos that are off to college...all grown up and stuff!! what!!!??? i'm NOT sad, but def praying for them and their lives and decisions and well, their everything!

my high school girls bible study this week DID NOT turn into a bday party and love fest for brooke and ayla...fresh cookies were NOT baked at 10pm on a school night...and we DID NOT stay up late talking about life and giggling.


WackyMummy said...

Love all the things you did NOT do. =

Casey's trio said...

You've got lots of funny "not me" moments this the bday present found in the closet and the loser comment miss paige made...LOL

Meredith said...

love the list! And holy cow, school already started? I cried the other night just thinking about it and we don't start until the 2nd.

Love that you got some yummy sips this week. I just about cried tears of happiness when I found a Starbuck's gift card in my purse this week. I REALLY needed it too!

Anonymous said...

To say you didn't do anything yall sure have loads of fun NOT doing it. :)

meaghan said...

ALL of these were so stinkin' funny! btw...who's ayla? are you fostering again?!? i love all my girlies!

CC said...

I love your girls' attitudes. Honest and and witty!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Omg, I love the "I'm dead serious" line, and of course the "another loser to mark off the list" line! And best of all "you are sooo hot!" ROFL Love those girls!

ModernMom said...

Found you through Domestically Challenged!
Loved reading through your little one's comments. She is a hoot and your pics are amazing:)