Monday, June 01, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

jada DID NOT start singing, "father's house" on the way home from church...and she DID NOT change thw words after the 3rd time thru to "come and kill. kill. kill the bees".
hubs DID NOT trim the bush in the front yard to basically a trunk...and then DID NOT say, "it doesn't look dead, it will be normal in a few weeks."
paige DID NOT have her first high school softball practice {summer team}...and i DID NOT flip out thinking my kids are growing up way too stinking fast!

paige and i DID NOT drive home in the midst of number of tornadoes...while listening to the weather on the radio and watching the radar on the phone...we DID NOT get this scary pic of a tornado either. i also, DID NOT feel like helen hunt in that weird tornado movie from yesteryear.

b and jk DID NOT figure out that the barbie lambourghini DOES NOT need a battery to be fun...bc if you start at the top of the driveway and push, a joy ride with lots of bumps can be achieved. i was NOT flipping out when i saw that ryan was condoning the new "roller coaster".
we DID NOT take a fam shot with brit {b's birthmom}...and it was NOT fantastic to spend the day with usual!
i DID NOT threaten one of my hs students in small group on sunday with my "magic green flip flop" if she didn't settle down. sadly, almost all my girlies DID NOT know of the magic flip flop bc they DO NOT read my tweets and stalk me quietly all week long bc they love me. {ha girls}

hubs DID NOT leave for france...again...without me. and he WILL NOT be making 3 {yes, count with me} 3 trips to paris this trip. and i am NOT green with envy and NOT angry that i stil have not seen the country of my dreams. arrrrgghhhh.

we DID NOT go to the humane society and find the dog of our dreams...anna...but we found out was prego...and we would have to foster her and the pups until the pups were 8 weeks...and i AM NOT flipping out. we DID NOT leave the humane society and b has NOT asked us to call every single minute since we left to see about her. and i am NOT torn, bc i love anna...but seriously do NOT {and this one is a real not} know anything about pups or prego dogs or whatever...and do i need more babies to take care of right now? help!!!

hubs DID NOT break the main water pipe going into the house replacing the spigot...and he DID NOT come out of the house drenched being so uber thankful that there was a shut off he installed a few years ago inside the house!
my hubs DID NOT turn 35 sunday..and he's NOT the hottest man i have ever seen in muy whole life...and he's def NOT the bestest ever hubs or daddy!!!

as started and continued on by mck head on over there, you'll love it!


Kel said...

Happy belated b-day to your hubs - I hope it was a fab day for him (but I'm sure he felt like a king with all his girls!) :)

Glad you had a nice weekend!!

Anonymous said...

As always you guys have a blast and I truly enjoy seeing that!!

amy said...

super funny post. especially about jada and the singing...and of course, the paris thing clinches it! we def. must be sistas! (but i've been and you MUST GO TOO!) :)

happy monday.

He And Me + 3 said...

I was cracking up about the Barbie lambourghini roller coaster ride. I can just see it.
Cute picture of the whole gang & nice to have that relationship.
Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Mandy said...

Now that is one exciting week!

Bee and Rose said...

You always have the best Not Me Mondays! lol!

I would NOT be jealous of Paris trips either! Wow!

I can't believe you drove around in tornado weather! You are brave!!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You're on Twitter? Why are a bunch of high school students following you and I am not? Let's correct this asap!

And holy moly, three trips to Paris without you? That is just a crime.


Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

Loved the birth mom and fam pic! So cute. And happy b-day to your hubs. He IS a hottie!! Totally! ;o)

Darcy @ lwm3b said...

Happy birthday hottie hubs! ( I've got one of those, too!)

Oh my gracious, these pics are divine. Seriously yummy summer fun.

Carrie said...

What? How did I miss the magic green flip flop story? booooo I need to get my stuff together, dangit!

I love the picture of the fam, I just wish I could blow it up bigger to see all your silly faces!

And hubby--well all I've got is ROOOOOOWWWRRRRRRRR!!

Megan said...

Um hello! WHEN is your hubs going to take you to France with him! He is there quite a bit, is he not? I think one of these days you just need to hide in his luggage and surprise him when you get there. LOL

Happy belated bday to your hubs, too.

Love the family picture!!