Thursday, June 04, 2009

crazy eights

8 things i am looking forward to:
hubs returning from france
a beach vacation with hubs this year, possible alone
my dog's bark going away, forever {advice?}
coffee time with friends
summer with the fam
leading my hs girls bible study...they rock!
tomorrow's coffee from the store or at home, doesn't matter
just "being" with the fam and friends

8 things i did yesterday:
pooped with an audience {not planned, of course}
installed the replacement satellite receiver in NOT 10 easy steps...more like 4,293!
dropped my fresh and one sipped, sweet tea from mc d's all over the floor when the stinking edge of the foam cup caved in! gggrrrrr!
laughed at b when she came dressed for bed with a night cap on and her zippety-do-da's!
did OT with sofia...despite her lack of enthusiasm
bought aperture...the real thing, baby! no more iphoto issues...ok, so there's 30,000 pics in the library...i needed a better system!
talked to hubs in france...and missed him terribly!
did 3 loads of did i get so far behind?
ate mc d's for dinner, despite the fall of the sweet tea.

8 things i wish i could do:
poop without an audience
buy a sippy sip diet coke every single day when i want it
give all kids a loving home..and not just here
drink my stinking sweet tea
make my dog quit biting b and stop the she didn't have to go live at my bro's house.
have my cake and eat it so many ways.
be skinny...and tall. and lose that dreaded genetic mutation of a double chin that adds 60 pounds to my face, especially in pictures!
adopt more kids...and pray hubs doesn't read this.

8 shows i watch:
greys anatomy
desperate housewives
extreme home makeover
biggest loser
america's funniest home videos

8 fav fruits:
banana's (it's b-a-n-a-n-a-s)

8 places i would like to travel:
france {and i'm still holding on to hubs taking me soon}
outlets malls with carrie, for sure
to drink coffee and hang with jen and the kids...introduce b and hayden for their future nuptials
colorado state university...aia rocks and so do jmjf plus 1!!!
san diego

8 places i've lived:
at college
own apartment
first house
current house
{you didn't think i was giving out city names, did you}

and i don't do tags, but i would love to learn a whole lot more about you...i got this one from one of my my bbf {best blog friends} not your average soccer mom, who you will love if you haven't met her yet!!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

You aren't think about "de-barking" your dog, are you? Please no! =(
I think I'm going to steal this meme from you. I need inspriration today!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I potty with an audience at my nanny job every day too! Now I just leave the door open and my boss thinks it's hilarious!

Trish said...

Thanks bunches for visiting my blog today...I love yours too, what cute ideas you have and a wonderful, beautiful bunch of girls.....even though I am one I would not know what do do it I had one :O)

Pam said...

this looks like a fun one to play along with! maybe i will!?! or maybe i will forget all about it! ;) i just heard that there is such a thing as a "bark collar". don't know, but you can check into that.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Good. i am not the only one with an audience. It is like they have a radar when we need some peace, you know?
I hope the time goes fast till hubs is home!

He And Me + 3 said...

i would have to agree with your fruits Yum
Cracking up about the poop and an audience. why do dad's get to do that in private, but not us? Hmmm

Jen said...

America's Funniest Home Movies is the best show on the planet! Hands down!

And I soo WANT to hang out with you too!

Meredith said...

What a great list and love your pic!

Jenni Jiggety said...

This is a fun Meme! Do you know I have never had sweet tea??? I think I am missing out!

Meaghan said...

i was so happy to see we made the list of places you want to travel!!!! yippee!! we got a house btw, so come anytime after july 1st!!!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL Poop with an audience! I am just starting to have to deal with that , as E&W have figured out how to get over their gate at the playroom. joy of joys!

PS I would LOVE to adopt more kids too!

Brandy said...

Oh I would have been so mad about my McD's tea...they are too good to waste!

And I have that same genetic double chin in every picture. It drives me bonkers!

Thanks for the shout out; I loved the lists! Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

YAAAAAAY! Me too! We would DESTROY that mall! I can't wait. Wish you could go next week. : (

p.s. You look like a superstar!!

Mommynightowl said...

I must read your blog more often, I didn't know your husband was in France. I hope he comes home soon.

a vacation with the hubs sounds good to me too. We were hoping to go to a marriage retreat that our church is hosting but its just not in the cards for us right now.

lol about the soda. I tried buying those 6 pack of the small 8oz sodas and I just ended up drinking them all at the same time.

I love this, I'm going to post one at my blog too.


Megan said...

LOL Poop alone. We were at the zoo last week and I took Evan into the bathroom with me and he was trying to watch me pee from behind. Goober!

I was tagged with this. Haven't done it yet.