Monday, May 11, 2009

the winners are...

oh, can you even contain the excitement???? well, first, i have to say, you all donated almost $3000 in the tuesday blog party...and for that, you all deserve a big, fat kiss...but since i'm not the kissing kind, here's a hug {{{{HUG}}}}

there are some super fab winners from my bloggy though...and i'm so excited to announce the winners of the:

shop and play:
mamabear mills at pour some sugar on me

blog button giveaway:

shoes and chick pillow:

choo choo thomas tickets:
tamara mitchell at the mitchell family

the girlie giveaway:
corrine from inside looking out

and these blogs are all super fun, so go and make a new bloggy friend!!! send me your addy's girls and the packages will follow.


MamabearMills said...

Thanks! I emailed you my address. thanks again!

Kacey R. said...

Ha! I am SOOOOOO excited! Thanks!

Corinne said...

WAHOO! I am so excited! I will email you my address. :) AWESOME!

Corinne said...
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Frizzy said...

Way to go that's awesome!

Tamara Mitchell said...

Oh my gosh...I can't begin to tell you how absolutley I am thrilled. I ran through my house yelling WHOOOO HOOOOO....If only my husband had a camera so you could have seen my excitement!!! Thank you, my address is on it's way!