Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh the answers...

interview time with jada...and me!

me: what is the best thing that you did today?
jk: ummm...being outside. nothing else.

me: do you wish you would have done anything different?
jk: yes...ummm...i wish i could have make up. oh, but i do have make up. i got, well, i wish we went to the zoo.

me: what do you think of my hair this way? {air dried}
jk: good. wish it was purple. i wish i could have purple hair all over...and maybe
just on the sides. maybe girls have that, but i don't. mommy, do brats dolls hurt you?
me: no, they don't hurt you. they influence you.
jk: then what do they do?
me: i don't like brats dolls bc they don't look like nice girls should look and dress.
jk: oh. what did them do? is it bad when it's off or when it's on?
me: both. the clothes are for big people and not little girls. and girls should not take off their clothes.
jk: little girls don't do that. they keep their clothes on. silly brats.

me: if you could buy any clothes, what would you buy?
jk: a skirt. it would have hearts on it, like the one i got from megan. it would be white.

me: what do you do when daddy is home alone with you that you don't do when mommy is here?
jk: daddy lets us do the swing set, but he never swings us. when you're home, you swing us and take us to nana and papa's house too!

me: what is it that i do when you guys aren't here? when i'm alone?
jk: mommy is going shopping for big girl stuff. only moms can go shopping. mom, what those things you do this with {running in place}? only mommy's can go on those...{elliptical machine}, right? mommy, watch this ball go way in the sky.

iby the last answer, i think the interview is now over!


Anonymous said...

Cute! The pictures aren't showing up right now. :(

Love the purple hair comment!

Pam said...

ahhh... they are so interesting to try to talk to aren't they!!! love it! k asked me last night why she couldn't live at harley's house? (who's harley?) i am guessing someone in her class, which she would rather live with than me! LOL!!

Kel said...

Ah..I love the interveiws!! So sweet and you never know what kids will say!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kids are so honestly cute!
This was a fabulous interview!

He And Me + 3 said...

She is so sweet. I love her to pieces.

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

I love your interviews! They are so cute! Your kids are so adorable!

Carrie said...

I want purple hair too! Think I should do it??

Megan said...

She sounds like quite the little chatterbox. I love it!!

And I totally agree with you on the bratz dolls. Hate them! Ick!