Monday, May 25, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and fam DID NOT do this week:

i DID NOT eat 3 reese's cups and call it dinner bc there was protein {pb} involved.

jada and brooke DID NOT tell me i had superpowers when i used my green flip flop to kill 6 bees this week. jada DID NOT say, "man, mommy, you are a total super hero."

i DID NOT have 3 kids puking this week at once...and i DID NOT clean up too much vomit and poo...and i also DID NOT gag while doing it.

brooke DID NOT say on the way to church, "this music you guys are listening to is totally lame."

we saw a lady at lowe's with 2 little purse sized dogs...brooke DID NOT say "that was totally cool."

at p's softball game, jada WAS NOT playing ring around the rosey with friends. when it came time to "all fall down", jada DID NOT stand there and say, "i'm not falling down. i'm staying right here."

i DID NOT use my super powers and my magic green flip flop to kill 7 bees this week. jada and brooke DO NOT think i am a super hero...and ryan is pretty impressed that the bees are gone.

paige DID NOT finish her school softball season with some awesome games. she DID NOT have 2 power hits and some incredible catches. she is NOT a great kid too.
i am NOT that person who is cheap and thinks $3 to watch my kids play softball every single time is terrible...and i DID NOT stand at the fence and watch the game so i could cheer closer to my kiddo anyway!
we DID NOT decide to take some fun advice off twitter and name our toilets...dora, backyardagains, el toileto and cookies. not what i would do, but they had fun.

jada DID NOT get stuck getting out of the barbie jeep. i DID NOT start laughing hysterically and she DID NOT turn and say, "this is not funny, mom." to which i DID NOT recant, "you are right. it's hilarious!"
head over to mck mama's for more not me monday's...and have a super fab memorial day. remember those who have served and are serving now!


He And Me + 3 said...

Your family is a hoot. I love that B thinks the music you listen to is lame. LOL I rather enjoy your playlist when I come to visit. :)
Still waiting for Jada video driving the jeep. Better hurry, she is gonna get good at it soon.

Kel said...

Oh what fun and look at all the sunlight in the photos....hooray for the warm weather and the return of Spring!

Following Him said...

Lame music on the way to church got a chuckle :) Great NMMs...hope everyone is feeling 100% better this week!

Anonymous said...

You guys are a RIOT!!!
Happy Memorial Day!!

Jen said...

I could totally use your bee killing skills.

Chris said...

You have to pay to watch you kids play softball? That's rough. Reeses for dinner rocks!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Reeses for dinner sounds perfect....I wonder if PB cup ice cream could be a good dinner too (protein, dairy....)

Mamarazzi said...

$3 to watch your kid play? really? wow city budget cuts or what?

love that you are a super hero...that is awesome and so are your kiddos!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oooh, I'm totally having Reese's for dinner tonight now! ha ha ha

Pam said...

i think i may go have some chocolate too! that would go well with all the carbs i've had today! i didn't totally think you were my hero with your green flip flop too!!! Wonder what you could do with a red one? Yeah... there you go... that would be something to see!

Carrie said...

3 Reese's for dinner? Weren't you starving? I'd have to eat 10 of them before I'd even start to feel full!

Megan said...

Your girls are hilarious! I bet they just have you in hysterics all day, every day. LOL

Yay for killing bees! Super hero, you are!!