Thursday, April 30, 2009

things momma says...

my questions for b-ster...about me:
{how enlightening}
what is something i always says to you?
mmm...popscicle. pick up. love you.

what makes me happy?
for me to have clean.

what makes mom sad?
when we don't behave.

what do i do to make you laugh?
tickle me

what i like as a child?
big fat meany head.

how old am i?
a big pickle head. at least 9.

how tall am i?

what is my favorite thing to do?
say i love you.

what do i do when you're not around?
sit around and make baby sounds. {ah, how she knows me well}

what am i really good at?
popscicles. a good cooker. nothing at all else.

what am i not very good at?
bad at cleaning the turkey cause they are gross and dirty and they spit.

what do i do for a job?
pick up everything. {oh how true that is}

what is my favorite food?
chocolate {yep, she's so right}

what do we do together?
draw pictures. and put poopy diapers on our heads {giggle giggle} and don't wanna say any more. i quit.

here's a picture brooke took of me while we were eating at hungry howie' i assume this is how she sees me...or this was a lucky shot...


Anonymous said...

This was too hilarious!

shopannies said...

great fun and so gret looking you should keep this for when she is older and if she looks as pretty as you she will be delighted

lmt1073 said...

that was cute.... and i'm pretty sure that was not a lucky shot. you're an awesome mom!

Kel said...

how sweet!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I'm sensing a popsicle theme!

He And Me + 3 said...

Ok, she is so funny. You must be related to stunt Man you big pickle head. lOL
Glad I didn't know you as a kid either you big fat meany head. lOL
She is hilarious.

Carrie said...

That b-ster sure is a character! She kills me! I love how she says, "nothing else at all." SO funny!

I think you have a budding photographer because that is a GREAT picture!

jenn said...

She's hilarious! And why do you have to be such a big fat meany head? Haha.

Jen said...

what a great post. it was so neat to see you through her eyes.

Bee and Rose said...

Love this post! It's sweet to see how much she loves you! And when are you setting up your popsicle stand? Sounds like you've got it "going on" with the icy treats!

Nicki said...

LOL... SOmeone was in avery silly mood! But seriously, do you think sitting around with poopy diapers on your heads is a very good mother-daughter activity??? ;)

Meaghan said...

that was soooo funny!

Pam said...

too funny!! i think i would ask them these questions and then be too afraid to post them on my blog!! oh the honesty!! :)

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

This was really cute!!