Monday, April 20, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

i DID NOT feed b and jk octopus cereal (generic marshmallow cereal) for dinner on wednesday night for dinner bc they asked and i was NOT too tired to even argue.

sofie DID NOT learn to say "uh oh" this week...and we DID NOT continue to drop things to get her to say it so we could laugh.
i DID NOT get a package full of delightfully fabulous dolls that shellie generously made my girlies {all 4 btw} out of the kindness of her heart.  she DID NOT personalize each doll for each girlie...and my girlies were NOT oozing with joy!
i DID NOT have the following conversation with b in the car:
b: mom, i want to go and spend the night with molly when school is over.
me: yes, that's a really great idea. it's hard when school is in session to do that, huh?
b: for the love of pete, mom...i said AFTER school was over. were you listening at all?
i DID NOT get a note from b's teacher on monday after spring break saying that they heard all about our trip and the dogs we met and how amazing it was that we rode dolphins at our beach house! she DID NOT say that we bridled wild dolphins and rode them with the help of trainers from the area.

ryan DID NOT spend only 18 hours at home after our vacation to fly overseas to rennes, france...which was NOT hard for all of us since we had NOT been together every second of every day for almost 2 weeks.
i DID NOT almost break down in tears on p's 14th bday...but resisted and instead, i DID NOT buy her 4 chocolate bon bons and 2 homemade caramels. she DID NOT squeal in delight and bite right in!
i DID NOT buy 2 cell phones on ebay this last week bc our cell phones bit the dust...and activating them was NOT the first thing that p asked r to do when he returned home from france.jada DID NOT pray in her bed time prayers, "thank you god for mommy and daddy. they love me even when i am bad." and i DID NOT get all teary thinking she understands...finally.

paige DID NOT drop her brand stinking new lotus in the TOILET at kroger on sunday night...she DID NOT almost have a panic attack and freak that she broke the phone.  ryan DID NOT take the phone apart and save the day...fixing the eu de toilet water and pee soaked phone only a few hours later.  he is def NOT a hero.

thanks to mck mama for her invention of not me head on over to her place...say a prayer for them and join in the fun.


Stesha said...

Jada's doll is so cute. Octopus cereal made me smile:)

Hugs and Mocha,

He And Me + 3 said...

Those bon bons look delish! I can't believe that B said for the love of pete. LOL that is hysterical.

Karen said...

You didn't tell me that you rode dolphins! Wow, the adventures never end with your family.

Kel said...

Sounds like a fab weekend! Me - I did not stay indoors all weekend long because it was raining cats and dogs while the girls demolished my house with toys..and I DID NOT care at all! :)

Happy Monday!

J and J Acres said...

What a great thing for Jada to say! That made me smile.

Don't you hate it when the kids don't pick up on your witty comments! :)

Penz said...

I did not enjoy reading what you have been up to. :) you are sooo not busy! have a good day though...for realz. :)

Beth E. said...

Our son dropped his phone in the toilet last year. We took it apart and laid it all on top of kitty litter in a container. The kitty litter absorbed the moisture and the phone worked fine!

Great NM's. :o)

Anonymous said...

That doll is stinking adorable!!!

shellie said...

Jada is SUCH a cutie! Do we get to see pics of the rest of your loot with the girls?

This is not Shellie, I'm uh, just curious. :D

Actually it is of course. Thank you for the pic of Jada, she really is a doll. Wish Paige Happy Birthday late for me, so glad the pkg came at the perfect time!

The uh oh story is adorable, I think I would find myself dropping things too. lol

Jen said...

I want one of those chocolates!

:) Loving your not me's.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

All of those were so cute, I cant decide what to comment on. The chocolates look yummy, the phone? Don't talk to a woman who dropped her mic pack (for the audio system at school) in the toilet last week.
Like the new phones?

Mandy said...

Was that 2 laptops hubby is looking at? Funny.

Those were great not me's! I always enjoy reading them! And I am still shopping for a cell phone...

Michelle said...

how fun to ride the dolphins! Lucas also recently started saying "uh oh" and "up" - finally some words! LOL It is cute to hear the little "uh ohs" coming from their mouths!

Did I miss P's bday? Happy belated birthday!

Michelle said...

I never feed my kids cereal for dinner.....that wouldn't be right. :)

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Great blog...great post. Don't forget to wear Orange tomorrow...for Stellan.

Carrie said...

That sassy brooke always kills me with her silliness!!

Hoooooray for fixing P's phone!