Monday, March 09, 2009

just do it...make a difference

ok, i have totally fallen in love with gwendolyn strong...i'm not gonna lie! i found them on the comment-a-thon tuesday tribute and have not stopped thinking about them.
the momma, victoria and daddy, bill, will melt your heart with their love and passion for not only their gorgeous daughter, but for their relentless efforts to get a bill passed to cure SMA...and it's not that far away from happening...and you can help.

Baby with SMA

here's what victoria {momma} had to say,
"I think, perhaps, I am obsessed. No, I know I am. Each day I check the petition, multiple times a day actually. I read the comments people write and the places they are from. I look for patterns to see what outreach efforts have worked. I think about how to reach more people, how to gain more support, what to try next...every single day.Perhaps it seems futile, perhaps pathetic. But to be told, "There is nothing you can do. Go home and love your baby" -- well, that is impossible. We have no course of action, no next step, no treatment to put all of our efforts and energy into. The petition is our rounds one, two, and three. In a sense, the petition has become a 'treatment' because seeing it grow gives me hope, encouragement, and renewed vigor to keep pushing and fighting for our daughter, for others fighting with SMA, and for all of those taken much too early by this horrible disease. I know that to most people it is just a petition, a piece of paper. But not to me. It is all I have. It is my hope. My way of fighting this cruel disease. My way of doing something... anything... instead of just sitting there and waiting. I'm on the lookout for miracles, but none seem headed in our direction, so this is all I've got.And so, when you pass out fliers... when you post on your blog... when you tell a friend... You are helping. When you offer to lend a hand and mean it... when you take action and really do instead of just talking about doing... You are helping. More than you know. You are helping one mother feel as if I am not alone, as if I have not given up. And I thank you for that, for giving me a little bit of hope...I need it to be a better mother to Gwendolyn. "

i'm not gonna lie to you, you will fall in love with this family. samantha warned me...consider yourself warned!!

your work this week...for that sweet gwendolyn, is to go and sign the petition to cure money, just your time {30 seconds} and love for others is required. please, please, please, click on over using the button and read...sign and pass along.

Help Cure SMA

let's get the bill passed and give a voice to the kiddos that can't do it themselves! and thanks to jay and pam at halftime lessons for bringing out their big guns too!


LenaLoo said...

I signed it!

Samantha said...

Your so awesome for posting this. I think this is the best kind of obsession to have. Where you can help. I have been following their story for a while and have been so in love with little Gwendolyn. I am just so excited to see blogs that I frequent, Jay's, Tabitha, yours, and others write about Gwendolyn. Bloggers can really make a difference here!

Victoria Strong said...

Thank you so very much for doing this wonderful post! Each signature truly makes a difference -- each one lifts my spirit and each one gives the tiny voices impacted by this infant killer more volume. We will keep pushing until we can be heard from the mountain tops. Thank you so very, very much for your support.

Keri said...

Another phenomenal family! Victoria is an amazing and inspiring mother. I signed the petition for Dakin, another baby boy with SMA, and hope more and more peeps will take the 30 seconds to make this happen. Thanks for sharing!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Signed it! Thanks for posting this.