Friday, November 14, 2008


last friday me and the girls all picked up brit, b's bmom, and went out to (steal all my money bear) build-a-bear to look at some new diggs for Lala (monkey) and Patches (dalmation). b's monkey, Lala, brit made for her right after she was born...she kept it and slept with it for a few years and then when she felt it was time for her to let go of it, she passed it along to b. what a beautiful picture of adoption...

brit never thought one day, "i know, i'll get pregnant really young, have people talk about me and stare at me. oh, and i think i'll just decide to place the first grandchild and my first child for adoption". life happened...and it's really none of your business how that happened either...that's b's story to share if she chooses.

what brit did, was decide upon determining she was pregnant that this life inside of her was a precious human...and she made the most difficult choice a woman could ever have to make. it was a choice...a choice to carry b. a choice to not abort (was never in her mind one time, btw). a choice to look at me and r and p and think, 'that's them. they are the family for me'.

so, when you consider adoption in your every day life, consider that there is a life and a story behind each and every child, sister, mother, cousin, etc. a story that you will never understand and therefore, should never pass should only pass along love.

so spread some love today...promote adoption to others.

read about it. be an advocate for adoption.

do something because silence, my friend, is acceptance.

{november is national adoption awareness month}
speaking of love!!! the blog-o-sphere is an amazing place.
i have made some awesome, supportive and uplifting friends in this little bloggy world and somehow, two of those friends gave me honors. little old me.
i like this one from Lindsay from Our lives in a Nut Shell because it
has a fun little translation needed! ha! and since i'm not even smart enough to know what language this is in, i am stealing what my good friend over at Chronicles of a Mommy, who loving bestowed it upon me, said that it meant. i should check it out...for all i know, it could say, "this is a blog that the writer believes anything she is told as long as its in another language"...that seems unlikely though! it's suppose to say:

"This blog invests and believes in ‘proximity’"

{meaning that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy}

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! ”

The second one from Briony who is amazingly talented...check her little bloggy out too!!! and i love her blog...what a coincidence!!!

so passing this along is always so hard, so i think i will introduce some of my new, faithful friends to you...please go and visit're gonna love them!

Carrie at "Oikology"...she will make you smile with every post and she has a beaut daughter...and she can cook too! what in the world??

Candy at "everyone has a story to tell. this is ours" is a gorgeous momma and wife and photographer who just did the NYC marathon...and with a smile!

Susan at Fordy days and nights is a darling momma and wife too! she is so uplifting and encouraging. i always feel better when i read her blog...u will too!


Susan said...

What a beautiful post! I love that you guys still have a close relationship with Brit. I am sure that will mean the world to both Brit and B as she gets older.
Thanks for the bloggy love! I am honored.

lmerie said...

Wonderful positive post! The proof that open adoption can be great!

Christina Lee said...

So glad I stopped by-what a wonderful story!!!!! Such a gorgeous looking family!

thanks for stopping by mine too- oh and BTW, no, sweatshirts will always be causual wear- it was just different to see Mr. JT in them :)
Take good care!

Anonymous said...

i love this.

my mom gave birth to me while she was in high school, and then left me for my grandfather to raise and I never saw her much. However, I KNOW that this was the way it WAS SUPPOSED to be. (i was born in 79, and abortion became legal again in 1980 in my birth state)

Meaghan said...

so sweet! what would we do without brookie?!

Kel said...

So true - there is a life and a story behind each and every child - but it's rarely the story that makes it special, but the love that comes out of the end result.


Michelle said...

what a fun time you all had together. The story of lala is so sweet too. B's birthmom sounds like she was very wise and mature to make such a huge decision as placing her daughter for adoption...and it looks like it has turned out great for all involved! Do Brit's parents see B too? Sorry if that was too personal, I just wondered, since the relationship is so close with Brit, if her parents were involved too.

Kacey R. said...

I'm really loving this Adoption month and learning new things about it. I think you are doing a fabulous thing by sharing about your beautiful family - as much as you feel comforatble with of course.

I know your posts that are written so honestly and openly provide encouragement and comfort to those considering adoption themselves.

You RoCk!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Very heartwarming story, thanks for sharing.

Discursivelyhappy said...

Well said.

Jen said...

I am kinda emotional tonight and that made me cry. What a beautiful post.

Abby said...

Thanks for sharing this and showing your daughter's birth mother for the strong curageous woman she is! It is a really incredibly hard decision to make.

When my daughter's birthmother handed her over to me I think I may have cried more than she did. It is heart wrenching!

It makes me so happy to see you having such a great relationship with all and showing everyone how it is totally okay AND wonderful!

Lindsay said...

wow - what a touching story - and I love that the bmom is still in b's life - awesome beyond words.

Rebekah said...

I dont know if you've ever read my posts about my adoption story. I was 19 and God paved my road.

I've only seen my little girl once since she left the hospital, but my parents have seen her several times.

I do e-mail back and forth with her mother. and I send her a birthday present every year.

Anyway- you can read my story it you want. Its in my side bar under No Lightening Bold For Me

Karen said...

My niece was adopted, and her story is an amazing one. But when God is in control things normally are. I love your advocacy for adoption.

avtcoach said...

I love your adoption story! What a nice way to stay connected. I have a real life blog friend who has adopted three children from S. Korea. The newest one came just last week! He is 8 months old. You can read her blog at Heart and Seoul if you want. I have it linked on my site. Dana is a really cool mom, you would like her!

cornnut32 said...

what a strong girl to be able to turn something difficult into an incredible blessing.

i really admire girls who choose to give their babies up for adoption.

and how great that you were able to adopt and give a baby a loving and stable home.