Monday, October 06, 2008

Mito what?

Me and the fam walked in the Mito Walk 2008 on Saturday to support our dear friends daughter, Abigail.  
\Abigail has mitchondrial disease (read more here) which in laymen's terms means her energy factory in her body doesn't work right...she can't regulate her body temp, she has ticks, dystonia, feeding issues and many more things. 

This is Miss Abigail...isn't she darling? 

And this is "the Motley Crew"...well named I think!  

Sofia had a great day...loves being outside!  
Look, it's Sofie Cottontail!  

This is the group of folks who came out to support Abigail and raise money for Mito research just for her!  Amazing!!

My friend, Nicole...Abigail's Mom.  She is freaking of the best Mom's in the world.  In spite of Abigail's illness, she is treated like a that!
 Abigail is a shining star in what often times seems like a dark spite of her terminal illness.  So my hope is that you read a little about mitochondrial disease...make urself aware and enjoy our pics. 


Nicole Goerges said...

Thanks for writing about the walk. It was heartwarming to see all the friends that came out in support of Abigail and other kiddos with Mitochondrial disease. You Rock!!

Anonymous said...

You DO Rock!:)

Karen said...

What a little cutie Abigail is. She is so blessed to have a great mom and great friends.

Tracy said...

keeps life in perspective. blessings & healing for little Abigail.

Wep said...

What an awesome way to spend a weekend :)

Kel said...

Thats awesome...she's adorable!!

AVT Coach said...

What a wonderful thing to do as a family to support this little girl! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'll keep this family in my prayers!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Thank you for the insight and God BLess!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My prayers are with Abigail!

Michelle said...

It looks/sounds like it was a great walk to raise awareness for mito wonderful that your family participated! Abigial is a beautiful girl and will be in my prayers.

And now I'm embarrassed because I have been meaning to email you (or ask for your email!) and I kept forgetting...but you left a comment on my Buddy Walk post and you asked how to donate for Kayla's team. I'm sorry I never got back with you on that! If you're still interested there is a link on my blog on the top left side under the header for the first giving site... or you can go to - thanks for asking!