Friday, September 05, 2008

My kids...listen?!

Jada is a sweet little thing...but really has a hard time sometimes coming down from her cloud to the real world.  That's one of the things I love about's also one of the things she ends up getting in trouble for.

We have rules in the house...there's 6 of us, so we all have to follow them.  There are basic things:

*pick up after yourself*
*only one toy out at a time*
*no snacks without permission*
*dirty clothes in the hamper*
*listen the first time*
*no complaining ever about food*
*we are family and we stick together*

and the big one...
(I know, it shouldn't bug me so much)

*shoes in your basket in the front closet*

So I find Jada's shoes out in the playroom.  (insert growl and huff here)  

I say, "Jada, please come and put your shoes at the front door where they belong."

This is what I found

I turned my head to the side (like a dog trying to figure things out) and chuckled, then shook my head.

I'm taking victory in the fact that she listened.

...and noticing that the front door needs repainted.  That's just sad.
Any color suggestions?


Tiaras & Tantrums said...

funny - Yep - they literally do WHAT we say!!
Love your rules - sounds a lot like my house!!

Elizabeth said... cute! I too, like your rules.

Kel said...

It is funny - when did they get so smart as to do what we say and not what we mean? Drives me batty! :)

Have a great weekend!

On The Verge said...

Too funny! At least she tried to listen. Have a nice weekend.

Ashley said...

So Cute! Oh - and how many pairs of crocs does that girl own? One for every outfit?

Tracy said...

One of our rules is:
Listen the first time - wow if they would only do this, the other stuff wouldn't be too bad, eh?
I think I am going to steal your rule about NO complaining about food. Meal times in this house can be my BIGGEST stressor. ugh.

Jen said...

what a good although creative girl.

Lula! said...

Oh, but I am loving your blog, too...

Off to read some more.

p.s. "Come By Me" is one of my favorite Harry Connick, Jr. songs...and I have every single CD he's ever put out. I kind of dig him a lot!

Wep said...

I love when kids are literal like that.

Oh, and orange :)

Karen said...

That is really cute! Kids....they are so literal.