Sunday, August 17, 2008

These are a few of my fav summer things...

...sitting on the swing with some of my girls (since we all can't fit at once!)
...the smell of fresh cut flowers
...fresh fruit
...a tan on me
...sunshine on my shoulders
...time outside with da girls
...bbq birthday
...flip flops all the time time with the fam (no school!!!)

what about you?


Carrie said...

Visiting your saucy blog from SITS. I love your background!!

Your summer favs are sweet. However, I am a lover of fall.

Here's some of the reasons I'm waiting for fall...

--not having to glop on the sunscreen for fear of 75 million more freckles appearing on my pasty white skin in a matter of minutes
--being able to walk outside without feeling like a second shower is necessary
and finally...
--it is comfortable once again to wear long sleeve shirts to cover up my lunch lady arms (flab flab) haha

Your family is beautiful and your photos are simply stunning! Nice to meetcha, SITSa!


I just did a Favorite Things post last month! =)
Our summer is over for all practical purposes; school starts tomorrow.
I love all of those things you mentioned, too, except maybe softball....

Penelope said...

How sweet! Fall is my favorite time of the year, but I do love me some summer! My favorite thing about summer is being able to lay outside on a blanket and listen to trees!

I found you on SITS!

renzy ;)) said...

hmm...well miss momma...
my FAAVE parts of summer hafta be;;
-laying out
-endless girls nites [w// hannie && ashie of course] :)
-road trips
-cruising in my convertible
-enjoying the sunshine

love you

Simply AnonyMom said...

What a cute pic! Your girls are adorable.