Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh, the wonderful things miss paige can do...

I am going to sound like an old woman (symbolic of how I remember my own Mom talking when I was a kid), but I just have to say that time with my kiddos is passing before my eyes. Paige is 13...8th grade...and just simply a beautiful, fun girl, who still is a teenager, don't get me wrong.

So, as always, on her first day of school, I took a picture...this year, in front of the pantry. Pantry, you may ask? Yes, the pantry. It is the place in the house she spends the most time with the exception of her bedroom, where she eats what she gets from the pantry.

I am so proud of her...her choices...her dedication...her, well, just her! So, this post is for my little pig...who's grown into a beautiful young woman.


Rhonda said...

That's such a cute idea! lol

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Saw you on SITS
I always took a picture of my girls on the first day as well. This is a cute idea. Your children are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great idea - to photojournal as they grow up!

I have been working with a group of girls for 3+ years now. I started when they were in 6th grade - and they start 9th in a few short weeks - yikes! :)

I thought that 8th grade would be tough - but it's been my favorite year so far. Good luck, and congrats on the Saucy Blog!

Zen Ventures said...

Hi! first I want to congratulate you for being chosen as one of the Saucy blogs! Congrats SITstah! 2nd, your little pig doesn't look a bit like a pig- she's actually very pretty! :) Oh they grow so fast don't they?