Thursday, August 14, 2008


1. My butt has a crack? What? My butt has cheeks?
2. You've got to see this...
3. Mommy puts this cone on her breast and then milk comes out. It's amazing.
4. Dad, you're doing a great job.
5. I need some air back here!
6. My feet are filthy. I think I need a bath.
7. Or, maybe he got a tattoo.
8. Gabby lives in my heart forever.
9. Oh pickle.
10. Barnacles.
11. I want to be the princess, not the nasty step mother.
12. I did not eat the cupcake.
13. Jesus love 'root naks'...its his favorite food. (fruit snacks)
14. Hey, what's up homey?
15. Stop talking. I am trying to concentrate.
16. Come on people. We're gonna be late for Florida.
17. My Dad drinks a lot of beer. And...he poops a lot. (not true btw, but seriously funny)
18. My finger nail polish came off.
19. Can I give Gabby a P-K-U-G-R-T, treat?
20. Mommy, you're the best mommy ever.


trashalou said...

Those are some fabulous quotes. I wrote down some from my two when they were little but there are just a few we use regularly that still crease us up.

Thanks for coming to visit at Trash Towers up on the hill today. You would completely love the set up down there. Every corner has something happening.

Aubrey said...

Coming by from SITS!

How cute those are! Once my toddler starts using full sentences (and making more sense! LOL) I will have to remember to journal them!

Your girls are gorgeous!

Ayla said...

wow!! she is adorable!! i can see her saying all of those!! they made me laugh and it made my night :)

renzy ;)) said...

uhm excuse me! you forgot to add what brookie used to call me && zach 2 yrs ago at church camp...


love it

Lindsay said...

Oh goodness gracious does that remind me of my Ella. How old is your daughter? They could serioulsy be best buds with their vocabularies!!