Saturday, August 30, 2008

4 day weekends rock!!!

The park!!  Yeah!! P was in she missed out, but

we rocked it out!  

First, a picnic...delish PBJ Sandwiches (i love that my kiddos are PBJS *big sqeal of delight*) and fixins. 

...and a nap for little miss sofie!

Second, a fab bike ride on the nature trail.  Kiddos and Hubby helped me find some goodies to make a centerpiece for the dining room table (thx screaming meme)  Pics of that to follow later.

And then, the grand finale...
...the playground.

We are off today for more family fun...this time at the homefront. :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend...get some rest!  Have some fun!!


Kel said...

Have a happy Labor day!!

Kos and Kerry said...

I think I spent 2 hours on your blog late night! It was so interesting to read all your blogs! I love the pictures!!!

Casey's trio said...

Sounds like a fun day...I am such a PBJ lover too. Sadly one of my girls is allergic to peanuts so she has to settle for almond butter:(

Michelle said...

thanks for your comment! I love the title of your blog :) Sounds like it was a fun way to kick off the 4-day weekend! We have a 4-day weekend here too (well at least Joe does, Kayla still had school on Fri). Your girls are all beautiful!

angie said...

Here's to a grand finale for your Labor Day weekend! :)


We've had a great Labor Day weekend so far, too. Glad you've had a good one!

Mayet said...

nice to see that the kids are having fun.

Lindsay said...

Seriously - I don't think there's anything better than a good park/nature time spent with family! Looks like you had a blast!