Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That Darn Cat

A big sister is invaluable...Brooke never misses a beat.

Yesterday, I had gotten Sofie to calm down and take a nap, which was a feat since she's battling a cold and just isn't resting well.  I gave the girls a lecture about not being too loud and "no screaming or yelling".  Not 2 minutes later, our neighbor is outside yelling for her cat (yes, cat...that is another blog altogether).  You hear repeatedly, "Greystoke" and it gets louder and louder.  

I growled a little under my breath, then looked up to see Brooke at the back screen door yelling, "Sue.  Sue.  You...".  

Realizing she's going to tell Sue there is no yelling right now, I stop her and tell her to be respectful of adults....etc.  Okay.  Done. 

But no...it's Brooke.  She shows up in her coat and shoes and asks (politely, I might add), "Mom, may I go outside?".

"Why do you need to go right now, Brooke?"

"I'm going to help Sue find that darn cat so she'll quit yelling."

A reminder to me that my kids really do listen, but only to what they can't repeat...or so it seems.