Friday, May 23, 2008


I love my family...and it's so awesome to have 2 other generations spoiling and loving them too! So, for all the fun and love and hugs and support...thanks to Nana and Papa and Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Bev and Grandma E and Grandma O and GG and Pop McMahon!

Family love is awesome...

Papa gives his girls lots of love...and lets them get away with way more than Mom and Dad! And always has candy in his front pocket and diet coke in his cup to drink. :)

Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Bev always bring food...the way to a kids heart!

And Grandma E loves her "dollies" and can calm a baby better than anyone I've ever seen. What a woman.

Nana loves to feed her grandbabies and spoil them beyond compare!

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