Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Death by Hair Grease

I was greasing Jada's hair this morning wile Sofie was sleeping.  I had all the stuff laid out...detangler, grease, rubber bands and bubbles.  

I was combing through  Jada's hair and she says, "Mommy. I am not touching the grease."

I said, "Good job, Jada.  I am so glad you are making good choices."

"If I touch the grease, it will get on my hands and then it will hurt me and then I will go to the hospital and get shots and then, I will die." she says.

This is yet another one of those times where my words come out of my kids mouths...obviously not in the same circumstance...and it just seems wrong.

When she bolted into the street I gave her the hospital lecture and that she could die...

I guess I'll just take joy in the fact that she listened and remembered at least a few of my words.

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