Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sofie is heading home soon!!!

Dr. Watts called and said to get the car seat ready...and I (Danyele) almost fell off the bed!  Being born a preemie and so growth restricted, the doctors orginally said Sofie would be in the NICU 2-3 weeks and maybe longer based on any set backs.  Well, we are on day 8 and Sofie is scheduled, if all goes well, to come home on Friday afternoon.  Ryan and I will be doing our overnight with her at the hospital on Thursday evening.  it gives us a chance to be alone in a room with her for the first time, but have hospital staff close by if we need them or have questions.  Parenting and caring for a preemie is so much different...and not just because she's 3lbs 9 oz.  Sleeping, eating, burping, talking,  and all that stuff is different.  So, the hope is we soak up all the info and we bring her home safely.  I have to admit, it's a bit scary.  We are ready for her to be home!!  We can't wait to be together as a family.  That has yet to happen since only one guest is allowed in NICU.  

So, we have still covet your prayers as there are many dangers of her just being outside of the sterile environment and being in our home.  Kids in school and the flu and RSV are all scary things...not to mention a dumb dog that barks at every stinking thing in the world that will simply scare Sofie out of her skin.  Also, two very, very helpful older sisters that will likely be a little "too helpful".  And, pray for us as a family as we settle into our new roles and expectations.

Some pictures for your enjoyment...

Mommy being discharged from the hospital...I had to stay.  So many tears...Mommy and Daddy didn't like coming home without their new baby.  It just didn't seem right.

And as soon as Mommy and Daddy said good bye, I threw them this kiss...

My one week birthday...out of the tent!!!  Yeah!

The first time big sister Brooke got to touch me....she was jacked up so high that I never thought we'd get her to sleep that night!