Monday, October 08, 2007

More blogging coming your way.

OK. So I had to leave again for business...over my anniversary this time. How is it that I've been to Asia 3 times in my life and one of them is on my anniversary. But this time I have this nifty little phone that I can get email on, and being the techno junkie I am, I figured out I can email a post here to my blog! Leaving the family is hard, but at least now I have time to blog. (d - I'm jk).

So now I can post live reports of my trip, provided 1) I am in this country and 2) I remember. So far so good. But I'm not to Chicago yet.

Editorial note..included a pic of jk I took w/ my phone. It's great. The picture is good too. Don't know where it will land on the page though!