Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Note from the Girls at Home

Since my hunka hubby gets to post all kinds of interesting things, I thought I would give you a little view of what's gone on this week from home with Ryan in China...It's all very interesting and I"m sure you will be jealous:

This is one of many piles of laundry I have done...this is the last of them to fold. The little ones are doing a fine job of helping out by unfolding, but at least they are helping. Paige is trying to learn laundry skills...but there seems to always be something going on when things need done. Hmmmm...teenager approaching!

Well...this is me...sad and missing my hubby!

And when it comes to disciplining solo, along with everything else, this is all too often what I have looked like at the end of the day. Actually, now that I look at it, it scares me!

Okay...this is not very exciting to the normal person, but to those of my anal rententive comrades, this will be nice. I completely reorganized the pantry...and it looks so nice. Once the kids get ahold of it...who knows, but it's documented!

And, last, but not at all least, our little girls miss their Daddy!!! Here's some smiles from home, Dad!

We love you Daddy!!!