Monday, September 25, 2006

9/26/2006 12:30 (am in China, pm in Indy)

Greetings from China! My trip here was uneventful (thankfully). I wasn't going to blog about it, since it's a business trip, but I figure I'll take lots of pics; so I'll post those here instead of emailing them around everywhere, and you can look when you want to...

I started (of course) with a good old American meal made by D the night before...steak and corn and zuccinni and a toast of wine (which I suppose sounds kind of French). I say "of course", but it was D's idea to cook that meal for me, and it was good.

Unfortunately, my fingers got caught up in the toast. Very painful.

We rode on a 747 (huge). The meals were acceptable. There was Starbucks coffee onboard, which makes the food rating go way higher. For proof, I included a picture, cause I know you Starbucks drinkers won't believe me.

My girls would have been excited, because there was good fruit. The bread was rye, which everybody hates, I don't even know why they make the stuff. It must be the afterproduct that is left over after they make the good bread. The airlines probably get it on the cheap. I made sure to slurp down the ham on the salad for the guy eating kosher meals next to me.

It took us aboot tree hars to get der to da Hudson Bay in Canada, yah hey. This is the extreme western edge of the bay, kind of the southwest corner of the bay.

At this point in the trip, we were flying at about 28000 ft at 560 mph, at which speed, according to my calculation, still takes freakin' forever to get to China.

It's crazy to get on a plane in Indianapolis and fly over the north pole, but that's almost what we did. Below is a pic of the Arctic ocean and you can see some cracks in the ice. In the lower left hand corner of the picture you can also kind of make out a couple of polar bears, but they're hard to see cause there was a snowstorm.

They're very clean in China, and they're proud of it. This is the elevator in the airport. And no, after the word "penalty" you can see, it did not say "of death" or "of life-long imprisonment". Actually, this is in Hong Kong anyway, duh.

From home to hotel, it was about 22 hours. I slept pretty well on the plane so I still had energy to walk around the garden at the hotel and take some pictures of the city from a distance. The polar bear took this one.

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