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So, it's been a while since i posted...years, in fact.  I stumbled upon to an old post and thought, I need to write more.  So here we are now...

My family looks completely different and times are different, but we are still just the same people.  We've added one...P got married 2 years ago and now we have A.  I will talk more about that later.  But isn't our pic soooo cute?  

For now, life is crazy and wild and sometimes completely unpredictable, but we are still praying and playing together.  Ryan and I are on our 21st year of marriage (woot woot), and the kids are well, old!  P is 25 and happily married to A, and they are celebrating 2 years next month.  

B is a junior,  has a job and is blowing our minds with all she is achieving in this world, and she's one of the funniest kids on the planet.  She's grown an amazing amount in all her therapies and in life in general...she's an advocate for all who struggle, and autism does not define her...she defines herself.  She also was just hit by a truck (yep...a truck) while riding her bike: thus the crutches in the pic!

J 15, a freshman, and is a fashion loving, nail polish wearing, Netflix watching wonder.  She has worked like a beast to learn to manage and cope and move through life with her RAD and other issues.  She loves to clean (on her terms, of course), runs track, and enjoys her life group.

S is 12 and is a 7th grader.  She has so much energy and lives to play softball.  She's got the kind of heart you would expect from a kid with 2 special needs sisters, and she will definitely conquer the world or continue to make it a better place.

As for Ryan and I...we are good.  Always doing something to the house, or going to a sporting event for the kids, but still in love.  He's still really hot.

So that's a quick rundown...hopefully the goats and chickens and stories of my heart will entertain you or at least give you a little strength to make it to the next day.

Much love, D


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